Siux Diablo Luxury 1K

Review of the 2021 Siux Diablo Luxury 1K padel racket. Discover this tear-shaped, medium-feel racket with materials for unmatched power and control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




355 - 375 gr




Black EVA Soft EHR


1K Carbon


50%-50% Carbon-Glass

Siux Diablo Luxury 1K

When the conversation veers towards top-notch padel rackets, it's inevitable that the Siux Diablo Luxury 1K garners a mention. This racket takes a solid stance amidst its competition with numerous features, which I have reviewed closely keeping an eye on performance, design, and playability.


Shape and Balance

Shaped in the classic Tear style, Siux Diablo Luxury 1K maintains an excellent balance that directly influences its performance on the court. This shape enhances both power and control, lending the racket an extra edge.


When it comes to shot power, the Diablo Luxury doesn't disappoint. The racquet design coupled with its high-quality materials ensures a remarkable power delivery that can visibly boost your gameplay.


On the control spectrum, it does equally well. Despite its power-oriented design, control isn't compromised. The tear-shaped design enhances ball handling, allowing players to fully exercise their control over the game.

Grip and Feel

Regarding the grip, it immediately stands out how comfortable this racket is. The grip size provides ideal hand-fit, making extended gameplay a breeze. The Medium feel only adds to the overall comfort, perfect for all, beginners and veterans alike.

Material and Durability

When it comes to durability and strength, Siux Diablo Luxury 1K clearly asserts why it's a top choice. The carbon frame mixed with glass fabrication promises longevity and robustness. The faces are adorned with 1K carbon that attributes to the durability of the racket. The Black EVA Soft EHR core further amplifies the resistance and durability making this racket a real beast on the padel court.


Summing it all up, the Siux Diablo Luxury 1K is indeed a prized possession for any padel player. It strikes the right chord with its top-tier performance, well-balanced playability, and exceptional durability. However, like any product, it should be chosen based on personal preference and playing style. The tear shape and medium feel may not suit every player's unique needs. Regardless, for players looking for a power-packed performance with ample control and durability, the Siux Diablo Luxury 1K certainly raises the bar high. Embark on your padel journey with self-assurance and let your racket do the talking!

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