Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno

Expert review on Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno Padel Racket. Features Bitubular Carbon frame and Grafeno faces with Medium feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.8




355 - 375 gr




Black EVA Soft


24K Carbon, Graphene


Bitubular Carbon

Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno

Presenting the Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno, a stand-out padel racket aimed at delivering excellent performance and supreme comfort. With a sleek diamond shape and innovative materials, this racket is not simply a tool, but an extension of the player.


Shape and Balance

Shaped for success, the diamond design of the Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno facilitates not only power but precision in every swing. The balance of the racket, leaning slightly towards the head, fosters a satisfying mix of control and power.

Strike and Slice

Thanks to the diamond shape, both offensive and defensive strokes feel natural and effective. From pinpoint precision net-play to controlled lobs, with this racket, it's clear that each strike is a potential winning shot.


The comfort factor has not been overlooked in this racket. The standard grip size ensures an excellent grip during the match, even in the most heated moments. It also contributes to greater maneuverability, leading to precise shot placement.

Absorbing Vibrations

During test sessions, we noticed how well the Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno managed to absorb shock, reducing the vibration upon ball impact. This feature is crucial since it could possibly minimize common padel injuries, enhancing the overall game experience.

Power and Control

Grafted with a bitubular carbon frame and 24K Carbon faces, the Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno offers strong, controlled strikes without compromising on power. This power-control mix is what makes it a reliable choice on the court.

Active Defense

The rounded tip offers effective defense against smashes and volleys, while the area near the throat assists with powerful returns. The synergy of power and control helps players to confidently dictate the pace of the game.

Comfort and Speed

Despite its diamond shape and high balance, the Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno does not compromise comfort. The ergonomic grip combined with the calculated weight distribution ensures comfortable use during long-game scenarios.

Swift Response

The black EVA soft core contributes to its ease of speed and quick recovery, countering the opposition's best shots with precise and swift responses.

Material and Durability

This racket's construction incorporates graphene, a durable and lightweight material known for its strength. The bitubular carbon frame, 24K Carbon faces and black EVA soft core promote durability whilst maintaining the highest quality performance.

Timeless Quality

Despite the physical strain the racket may go through during intense matches, its material combination guarantees minimal wear, providing a long-lasting play experience.


The Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno is an attractive option for any ambitious player looking to ascend their gameplay. Its power, finesse, and durability work synergistically to command the court.

That being said, every player has unique needs and the one-size-fits-all rule doesn’t apply to padel rackets. Therefore, it's advisable to identify your style and requirements before opting for this racket. If you're after a racket that offers robust performance while being comfortable to swing, the Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno just might be your stellar choice.

The perfect racket could be game-changing, so consider the Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno if power, control, and durability are your top priorities. Happy gaming!

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