Star Vie Triton Pro 2021

Analyzing the top features of the durable Star Vie Triton Pro 2021 racket with hard feel and diamond shape. Carbon fiber and EVA Core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.8




350 - 385 gr




Medium Density EVA


Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

Star Vie Triton Pro 2021

The Star Vie Triton Pro 2021 padel racket is an outstanding choice that promises high performance, offering an incredible synergy of power and control. Created by reputed brand Star Vie, the Triton Pro 2021 is built for professional and advanced players, who are sure to appreciate the expertly crafted design and exceptional playability.


Shape and Balance

The Star Vie Triton Pro 2021 adopts a Diamond shape, which significantly maximizes the power output without compromising on the control aspect. The balance feels pleasingly even, contributing to the smooth striking experience and strategic gameplay.


Equally crucial is the comfortable grip of the Star Vie Triton Pro 2021 which ensures a firm and secure hold during intense matches. This padel racket's handle accommodates all hand sizes, providing excellent control and comfort during prolonged sessions of play.

Power and Control

Observed on the court, the Star Vie Triton Pro 2021 exhibits robust power coupled with superior control. This ensures you can deliver forceful shots and still maintain an admirable level of accuracy. Whether you're on the offensive or defensive, this racket caters to both aspects brilliantly.

Comfort and Speed

Ergonomically designed, the Star Vie Triton Pro 2021 scores remarkably high points on comfort. The well-balanced nature of this padel racket offers you prompt response timings and speedy play, making it easier to perform fast volleys or return shots.

Material and Durability


The frame of Star Vie Triton Pro 2021 is crafted with Carbon Fiber, ensuring its high durability and resistance to wear and tear. This industrial grade material provides a sturdy framework for the entire racket, promising a lengthy lifespan even after vigorous usage.


The faces, designed with Carbon Fiber, provide excellent power and control. This high-end material not only grants the racket a pleasant aesthetic but also reinforces its longevity.


The Medium Density EVA core of this racket enhances its performance. This well-chosen material offers excellent rebound capabilities while also reducing vibrations, ensuring that you have a hard feel when you hit the ball during gameplay.


In conclusion, the Star Vie Triton Pro 2021 padel racket comes highly recommended for seasoned players seeking to upgrade their current padel arsenal. Its expert construction coupled with the impressive blend of power and control creates an unrivaled on-court experience.

However, it's paramount to remember that the perfect padel racket varies from player to player - hence, it's critical to reflect on your requirements and playstyle before settling on a choice. But rest assured, for those pursuing aggressive, advanced gameplay, the Star Vie Triton Pro 2021 is likely to meet, if not exceed, expectations.

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