Star Vie Metheora 2024

Discover the precision of Star Vie Metheora 2024, a padel racket with optimal control and soft feel for advanced players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.4




350 - 385 gr




EVA Soft 30


3K Carbon


100% Carbon

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Star Vie Metheora 2024

In the realm of padel, having the right racket in hand can elevate your game to unprecedented levels. As someone who has personally taken to the court with the Star Vie Metheora 2024, I can attest to its remarkable design and performance qualities. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the racket appeals to advanced players seeking a harmonious alliance between soft touch and precision. Here's my comprehensive review.


Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Star Vie Metheora 2024 is expertly engineered to enhance control and stability during play. This particular design allows for an evenly distributed balance, which provides a reassuring presence on the court, enabling swift adaptability in both offensive and defensive situations. It's an intuitive extension for the player seeking a racket that aligns with precise strokes and strategic gameplay.


Upon handling the Metheora 2024, the medium-soft feel of the EVA Soft 30 core is immediately noticeable. It offers a comfortable impact while allowing for an assertive influence on the ball. This combination yields a confidence-boosting racket that can guide the game's tempo with finesse and authority.

Sweet Spot

The generously sized sweet spot is another feature that stands out with this model. Thanks to its strategic placement and the forgiving nature of the round shape, I found the sweet spot to be quite expansive, which is a significant advantage when striving for consistent precision and less margin for error.

Materials and Durability

Durability is a cornerstone of the Star Vie Metheora 2024, thanks to its full 100% Carbon Frame and 3K Carbon Faces. The carbon composition assures a robust build that is well-suited for rigorous play over time, reflecting a commitment to quality and endurance. The resilience of carbon materials ensures that this racket can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Surface Texture

For players who revel in spinning the ball, the Star Vie Metheora 2024 steps up with an intriguing textured surface. This Full Plane Effect technology, integrated directly into the mold, provides the grit needed to impart additional spin, making it a formidable choice for those who like to keep their opponents guessing with an unpredictable and varied shot repertoire.

Power and Control

Though its primary forte is control, this racket does not fall short in the power department. It strikes a delicate balance that doesn't overwhelm, allowing for strategic power plays without sacrificing the control that is pivotal to the racket's character. Mastering the Metheora 2024 means harnessing its potential for both controlled placement and decisive smashes when the opportunity arises.


In terms of maneuverability, the Star Vie Metheora 2024 holds its ground. Despite its forte in control, this racket's design does not hinder swift wrist action or rapid changes in direction. The Star Balance system, located at the heart of the racket, contributes to an optimal weight distribution, which aids in achieving that equilibrium necessary for quick adaptations during play.


My time on the court with the Star Vie Metheora 2024 has been thoroughly impressive. The racket's construction and performance are finely tuned to serve advanced players who prize nuanced control paired with the potential for decisive power. Its materials speak to a long-lasting partnership with the player, while its features cater to a game rooted in skillful shot-making.

As always, the best racket is the one that matches your style and elevates your strengths. The strategic design and quality construction of the Star Vie Metheora 2024 make it an excellent choice for players looking to command the game with confidence. It's a testament to Star Vie's commitment to crafting rackets that resonate with the needs of serious contenders on the padel court.

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