Star Vie Spika Dynamic 2021

Discover the exceptional control and maneuverability with the 2021 Star Vie Spika Dynamic Padel Racket, perfect for advancing your gameplay.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




350 - 385 gr




EVA Soft


100% Carbon


100% Carbon


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Updated on 21 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Star Vie Spika Dynamic 2021

Ever on the lookout for the best padel rackets on the market? Prepare to be thrilled by the remarkable Star Vie Spika Dynamic 2021. This racket has made a substantial impact on the court, setting the bar high for other rackets in its class. Specifically designed for advanced players, the Spika Dynamic combines power, control, and a satisfying feel, enhancing your overall gaming experience.


Shape and Balance

Famous for its round shape, the Star Vie Spika Dynamic stands out in terms of balance and control. The strategic distribution of its weight fosters a sense of equilibrium during swings, refining your shot precision and maximizing overall control.


From an ergonomic perspective, the Spika Dynamic certainly doesn't disappoint. The comfortable grip stands out as a substantial plus during testing. The standard size fits nicely in your hand, providing a perfect blend of control and comfort, especially during prolonged matches. This feature also supports sustained playability during extended gaming sessions.

Power and Control

Power and control merge seamlessly in the Star Vie Spika Dynamic 2021. With a feel that leans towards medium, the power-control balance of this racket truly shines through, supplying the player with the upper hand in both defensive and offensive plays.


Deliver explosive shots with ease. The Spika Dynamic's power response is commendable, allowing you to dominate on the court.


Handling the Spika Dynamic could not be smoother. Loaded with impeccable control, it allows for a precise game, whether you're serving or returning shots.

Comfort and Speed

When it comes to comfort, the Spika Dynamic 2021 is top-tier. Its advanced design is complemented by an ergonomic grip, making gameplay enjoyable for extended periods. Furthermore, the balance of the racket contributes to its quick response time, allowing for a brilliant mix of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

Assembled with 100% carbon for both the frame and faces, and an EVA Soft core, the Star Vie Spika Dynamic 2021 is undeniably robust. These materials assure high resistance to wear and tear, promising a long-standing play life, even under the stress of intense play.

Frame and Faces

The use of 100% carbon in the frame and faces boosts the durability significantly. This construction ensures that the racket retains its structure and function, regardless of how rough the games get.


The EVA Soft core stands as a testament to the racket's balance between flexibility and firmness. This component does not only increase playability but also boosts the racket's resilience, extending its lifespan.


To wrap things up, the Star Vie Spika Dynamic 2021 is an exceptional choice for seasoned padel players eager to up their game. Its potent blend of control and power, combined with a comfortable grip and lasting durability, makes it a reliable padel partner.

However, as with every choice, it's key to gauge whether its features match your unique needs and level of play. But for those seeking to invest in their expansion and progress in padel, you'll find that the Star Vie Spika Dynamic 2021 goes above and beyond to meet, and potentially exceed, your padel playing expectations.

Remember, the perfect racket can be the turning point in your performance on the court, so consider these factors meticulously before making that all-important decision. Here's to your unfolding padel journey!

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