Dunlop Blitz Evolution Orange 2021

Review of Dunlop Blitz Evolution Orange 2021, a round-shaped padel racket with a medium-soft feel perfect for intermediate players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




360 - 375 gr






Fiberglass + Graphite



Dunlop Blitz Evolution Orange 2021

For the seasoned padel enthusiast or the avid beginner, the search for the perfect racket is an ongoing journey. Today, let's turn our focus to one spectacular entrant on the scene - the Dunlop Blitz Evolution Orange 2021.


Shape and Balance

Exemplifying the distinctive round shape, the Dunlop Blitz Evolution Orange 2021 promises a fabulous game on the court. The balanced weight across the body of the racket offers an equilibrium that much boosts your control in matches. Be ready to experience enhanced stability during strikes, ultimately leading to better shot accuracy.


During my first rendezvous with this racket, the grip comfort left a lasting impression. Seated comfortably in my hands, the Dunlop Blitz Evolution Orange 2021 offers a firm control, even during long matches, without causing any strain.

Power and Control

The power and control quotient of the Dunlop Blitz Evolution Orange 2021 is a noteworthy highlight. The extraordinary amalgamation of power and control makes this racket a dynamic tool on the padel court. I strongly feel it is a significant advantage for those looking to amp up their defensive and offensive game.


Sweet spot

Adding to its impressive arsenal is the medium-soft feel, a characteristic not to be overlooked. It establishes an excellent rebound and a sweet spot, thereby enhancing your overall gameplay.


The Dunlop Blitz Evolution Orange 2021 presents an admirable level of maneuverability, making it a dream tool for every player. This attribute of the racket assures that it can swiftly respond to every strike with precision and efficiency.

Material and Durability

Constructed with a fiberglass frame and faces complemented with a graphite layer, this racket guarantees durability and longevity. With an EVA Pro core, get ready to experience an outstanding level of resistance to wear and tear, keeping the racket in top-notch condition even after multiple uses.


In a nutshell, the Dunlop Blitz Evolution Orange 2021 is a versatile addition to your padel accessories. Be it the perfect power-control balance, the impressive grip comfort, or the excellent maneuverability, this racket serves as a dependable ally on the padel court.

The last word of advice would be to ensure if this robust and multi-faceted racket aligns with your specific needs and style. Once that box is ticked, there is no turning back. The Dunlop Blitz Evolution Orange 2021 is ready to elevate your game to the next level. Trust your instincts and feel the difference in your performance on the court.

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