Star Vie Icarus 2021

The Star Vie Icarus 2021 padel racket is crafted with a medium-soft feel and round shape for control and maneuverability.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




350 - 385 gr




EVA Soft


Glass Fiber


50% Carbon / 50% Glass Fiber

Star Vie Icarus 2021

Star Vie's commitment to innovation and quality is clearly evident in their 2021 model, the Star Vie Icarus. Crafted to offer an exceptional balance of power, control, and maneuverability, this racket promises to enhance your gameplay with its pinpoint precision and responsive feel.


The heart of the Star Vie Icarus 2021 lies in its intuitive design, which combines materials of the highest quality with a player-friendly shape to ensure a well-rounded performance on the padel court.

Shape and Balance

With its round shape, the Star Vie Icarus 2021 ensures a consistent and easily manageable playstyle. This design emphasizes control and accuracy, allowing you to place your shots precisely where you want them. The even balance of this racket adds to its stable feel and offers a smooth swivel for swift play.


A special mention must be made of its comfortable grip. The Star Vie Icarus boasts a standard grip size that provides a firm hold without compromising comfort. This enhances the racket's overall maneuverability and allows for accurate shot placement, regardless of the game's intensity.

Comprehensive Gameplay Experience

The Star Vie Icarus 2021 sets to offer a comprehensive gameplay experience with its medium-soft feel. This characteristic, combined with its round shape and balanced weight, makes it a perfect fit for those seeking both power and control in their racket.

Material and Durability

Constructed with premium materials, the Star Vie Icarus 2021 is as durable as it is efficient in play. With a frame of 50% carbon and 50% fiberglass, this racket promises longevity even under the harshest playing conditions. The fiberglass faces aid in delivering powerful shots, while the EVA soft core enhances the control factor and provides an excellent rebound effect.


In conclusion, the Star Vie Icarus 2021 is a well-rounded padel racket promising a harmonious blend of power, control, and maneuverability. Its high-quality materials and innovative design make it an excellent choice for those seeking performance and durability in their padel equipment.

However, keep in mind that while this racket is well-suited to a wide range of players, its features will resonate the best with those who favor control-oriented playstyles. Remember, choosing the right padel racket for you depends significantly on your individual needs and style of play. Good luck in your pursuit of excellence on the padel court!

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