Star Vie Vesta 2021

The Star Vie Vesta 2021 padel racket offers medium-soft feel with a round shape. Ideal for players looking for control and maneuverability.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




350 - 385 gr




EVA Soft




50% Carbon / 50% Fiberglass

Star Vie Vesta 2021

From the house of Star Vie, a brand known for its impeccable craftsmanship and dedication to performance, comes the Star Vie Vesta 2021. With its graceful design and excellent performance attributes, it undeniably stands as a testament to Star Vie's commitment to providing superior performance and high-quality padel rackets to all enthusiasts out there.


Shape and Balance

The most striking attribute of the Star Vie Vesta 2021 is its round shape. A perfect fit for players who prioritize control over power, the round shape comes with a generous sweet spot, making it much more forgiving, particularly for less experienced players or those who are working towards improving their technique.

Material and Feel

The Star Vie Vesta 2021 impressively infuses carbon and fiberglass in crafting its frame, achieving a perfect balance between durability and flexibility. The marriage of these materials creates a harmonious blend of strength and maneuverability that is often sought after in higher-end rackets.

Dressed with Fiberglass faces, it further enhances control and maneuvrability, contributing to a smooth and responsive play. The EVA Soft core finishes off this racket with its soft-medium feel, offering a great rebound capacity which will surely surprise any style of player.

Power and Control

Speaking of playability, the Star Vie Vesta 2021 is engineered to tilt slightly more towards control. With the appropriate technique, this racket ensures every shot is positioned exactly where you aim. Despite not being a power-focused racket, it's not short of capability when it comes to executing offensive shots when needed.

Comfort and Speed

Comfort is no way compromised in Star Vie Vesta 2021. It has been designed with an easy-going character. This neutral balance promises excellent maneuverability, making it a suitable option for both aggressive players and those who prefer a more defensive padel style. Its optimal sweet spot location further accelerates response, adding a layer of fluidity in overall play.

Material and Durability

One thing is assured with Star Vie, and that’s durability. Apart from the even balance, the usage of carbon and fiberglass frame go a long way in ensuring this racket witnesses many seasons of intense performance without losing its touch. The overall construction assures a high resistance against wear and tear, indicating it was not only built to perform but endure as well.


Overall, the Star Vie Vesta 2021 with its gracefully designed attributes and balanced performance proves to be an asset on the court, ensuring every game is an enjoyable one. While it may not be a go-to choice for players who rely heavily on power, it offers a delightful blend of control, durability and maneuverability, making it ideal for those seeking a well-rounded, versatile padel experience. Always remember, the secret ingredient to winning a padel match lies not just in skill, but in having the right equipment as well.

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