Varlion Bourne Carbon TI 2023

Review of the Varlion Bourne Carbon TI 2023 padel racket. Crafted with Fibra de vidrio and EVA Hypersoft for superior control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.5




350 - 375 gr




EVA Hypersoft






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Updated on 12 Jun (shipping cost not calculated)

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Varlion Bourne Carbon TI 2023

Introducing the Varlion Bourne Carbon TI 2023, a unique gem of a racket. Showcased with a diamond shape and strong fiberglass construction, it is sure to impress every padel lover who appreciates a medium feel and perfectly distributed power and control. Stepping onto the court with this masterpiece will definitely add a touch of finesse to your performance.


Shape and Balance

Riding high with a diamond shape, the Varlion Bourne Carbon TI 2023 does a commendable job in keeping a solid balance between power and control. Its sleek design allows for an even distribution of weight throughout the racket, giving you the much-needed stability for those sweeping strikes and skillful defenses.

Grip and Feel

Upon swinging this racket, its superb tactility will not go unnoticed. As a player, I was pleasantly surprised by the gripping comfort of the Varlion Bourne Carbon TI 2023. The standard grip size fits like a glove, enhancing not only comfort but also the crucial element of control during extended matches.

Power, Control, and Speed

When it comes to power and control, this racket shoots right off the charts. Its impressive power-control balance makes the Varlion Bourne Carbon TI 2023 a real game-changer in padel. Combined with the swift response and precision speed provided by the racket's balance, it is sure to give you the edge in challenging plays.

Materials and Durability

One can't overlook the impressive durability of the Varlion Bourne Carbon TI 2023. The solid fiberglass frame and faces combined with the EVA Hypersoft core firmly uphold the racket's health, even in the face of intense play. The construction and design elements alone reinforce the brand’s dedication to quality and longevity.


In summary, the Varlion Bourne Carbon TI 2023 is a top-tier choice for padel enthusiasts looking to further enhance their game. It's a perfect blend of power, control, and durability captured within an attractive design. Although the choice of the racket is subjective to each player's style and preference, this standout model introduces a new level of finesse into performance. With this addition, you're instilled with power, control and a classy touch to your playing style in the relentlessly thrilling world of padel.

Remember, choosing the right racket is pivotal in marking your stance on the court. Hence, review the features of the desired racket well before making that all-important decision. Success in your padel journey awaits you!

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