Kuikma PR990 Power Hard 2023

Check out our review of the Kuikma PR990 Power Hard 2023: a diamond-shaped racket with a medium-hard feel, made from carbon fiber.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.4




360 - 380 gr




Black EVA


Carbon 12K


Carbon Fiber

Kuikma PR990 Power Hard 2023

Diving into the world of padel racket reviews, today we're looking at the Kuikma PR990 Power Hard 2023. Designed by renowned brand Kuikma, this model stands out for its impressive performance and killer looks. Let's delve deeper into what makes this racket a fantastic choice for padel enthusiasts.


Shape and Balance

When it comes to the Kuikma PR990 Power Hard 2023, its diamond shape plays a prominent role in amplifying its overall strength. This shape distribution enables a greater force, perfect for those players looking for that extra touch of power in their swing.


While testing, the most remarkable feature we noticed was how effortlessly the racket fits in hand. It provides a comfortable grip, ensuring better control over your shots. Consider this a key advantage in intense, game-changing moments.

Power and Control

The Kuikma PR990 Power Hard 2023 showcases a harmonious balance between power and control. Its high-tech construction provides an advantage in both offensive and defensive situations. A reliable partner on the padel court, this racket enhances your strengths while covering any weaknesses in your playing style.

Comfort and Swift Maneuverability

The medium-hard feel incorporated within the Kuikma PR990 Power Hard 2023 ensures a comfortable playing experience. Despite having heavy-duty power, this racket doesn’t compromise on its response speed. The balanced weight distribution complements the swift handling, adding precision to your strikes.

Materials and Durability

The materials used in the construction of the Kuikma PR990 Power Hard 2023 are noteworthy. The carbon fiber frame and 12K Carbon faces enhance the racket's durability, promising long-standing performances even under strenuous conditions. Additionally, the Black EVA core offers superior resistance to wear and tear.


Summing up, the Kuikma PR990 Power Hard 2023 is a powerhouse in the world of padel rackets. With its blend of power, control, comfort, and durability, it's a surefire match for advanced and professional players looking to improve their game.

Yet, everyone's playing style and preferences are unique. A racket that thrills one player might not offer the same experience for another. Therefore, consider all aspects thoroughly before landing on a decision. May your journey in the world of padel be exciting and full of amazing shots!

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