Kuikma MS Pro 2023

Explore the features of this robust Kuikma MS Pro 2023, known for its extreme power and control with medium-hard feel! Made with carbon fiber+EVA frame.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.2




375 gr




Dual Foam


Textreme Carbon


Carbon Fiber + EVA

Kuikma MS Pro 2023

Playing padel with a proprietary, premium-quality racket significantly enhances your on-court performance and experience. Today, we turn our focus to Kuikma MS Pro 2023, which is known for its impressive performance, advanced design, and excellent craftsmanship. Let's delve into the specifics of what this model has to offer.


This particular model from Kuikma is designed for players who seek a harmonized blend of power and control in their padel racket. It's a product made by a renowned brand, but does it deliver on expectations? We took to the court to find out more.

Shape and Balance

Known for its diamond shape, the Kuikma MS Pro 2023 certainly ticks the box for innovation. This unique shape contributes to the racket's moderate to high balance while delivering a compelling blend of power and control. The shape, quite literally, plays a crucial role in creating well-balanced swings.


Just like the masterpiece it is, the Kuikma MS Pro 2023 is designed to deliver a firm, comfortable grip. The ideal grip size fits snugly into the hand, providing a balance of comfort and control even during long, gruelling matches.

Power and Control

The Carbono Textreme faces and dual foam core of the Kuikma MS Pro 2023 enhance its overall power and control. The racket effortlessly couples high-level precision with significant power, allowing the player to make both defensive and offensive shots with ease.

Manoeuvrability and Stability

The Kuikma MS Pro 2023 provides admirable maneuverability on the court. Whether you're making high-speed overhead shots or subtle drop shots, the racket makes each move seamless. Moreover, the medium to hard feel of this racket provides additional stability, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Material and Durability

The Kuikma MS Pro 2023 is built with an amalgamation of premium materials – a frame of carbon fiber and EVA, faces of Carbono Textreme, and a dual foam core. These materials not only enhance the racket's overall performance but also ensure its longevity even amidst challenging, power-packed matches.


In conclusion, the Kuikma MS Pro 2023, with its superior tech and design, is an excellent choice for players who prioritize balanced power, control, and comfort. While it might feel a bit challenging for beginners due to its unique diamond shape, it's well-suited to intermediate and advanced players looking to elevate their game to another stage.

As always in padel, the choice of racket should align with your individual playing style and comfort. The golden rule to follow is to pick the one that feels like an extension of your arm. Here, the Kuikma MS Pro 2023 surely gives a tough competition to its rivals. In the end, it's all about trying, testing and then trusting your gear!

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