Vibora Black Mamba Radical 12K 2024

Explore the elite Vibora Black Mamba Radical 12K 2024, a premium padel racket designed for the skilled player seeking versatility.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.8




350 - 370 gr






12K Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

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Vibora Black Mamba Radical 12K 2024

The Vibora Black Mamba Radical 12K 2024 stands out on the padel court with a stellar reputation for quality, performance, and sophistication. Specially crafted to meet the demands of advanced to professional players, this racket seamlessly merges medium hardness with a broad striking zone and a pleasant touch. It's a versatile piece of equipment designed to support an aggressive yet controlled playing style.


Shape and Balance

The distinctive tear shape of the Vibora Black Mamba Radical offers an optimal balance between power and control, which is particularly noticeable when switching from defensive to offensive play. The racket's strategic weight distribution reinforces the sweet spot, enhancing accuracy on your shots.


The Vibora Black Mamba Radical provides a medium feel, which is just right for players looking for a balance between firmness and comfort in their shots. The EVA core imbues the racket with a responsive touch, crucial for those subtle volleys and strategic placement.

Grip and Maneuverability

A racket's grip is crucial in padel, and this model comes with an ergonomic handle that feels natural in the hand, bolstering precision handling for intricate shots. Alongside this comfortable grip, the racket exhibits commendable maneuverability, which is important for maintaining momentum during fast-paced rallies.

Materials and Durability

In terms of construction, the carbon fiber frame and carbon fiber 12K faces are carefully selected for durability and consistent performance. These high-quality materials endure intense matches while ensuring stability and lifespan for your racket.

Style of Play

The Vibora Black Mamba Radical is designed as a versatile racket, striking a delightful harmony between attacking power and defensive abilities. Its ample sweet spot caters to precise play, while the anti-vibration bridge helps reduce the risk of injuries, a feature increasingly appreciated among serious players. The racket features a textured surface that accentuates spin and effect on the ball, crucial for players who enjoy adding a layer of sophistication to their game.


The design of this racket speaks volumes, with its elegant black, white, and gold color scheme. It exudes a sense of professionalism and style that will surely make a statement on the padel court.


The Vibora Black Mamba Radical 12K 2024 is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship suitable for advanced and professional players valuing precision, reliability, and aesthetic appeal in their equipment. This model equips players with the confidence to execute both power-driven smashes and delicate defensive shots. As a player who has tested this racket, I appreciate its ability to elevate my game, providing a solid response regardless of the scenario.

If you're an experienced player aiming to refine your play with a well-rounded, high-end racket, the Vibora Black Mamba Radical should undoubtedly be a contender in your selection. Remember to select a racket that complements your playing style and amplifies your strengths on the court, and I believe this model has the potential to do just that.

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