Wilson Bela LT V2.5 2024

Explore the Wilson Bela LT V2.5 2024 padel racket designed for precision and power in your game.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.9




355 gr




EVA Soft


Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber

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Wilson Bela LT V2.5 2024

In the dynamic and fast-paced sport of padel, the right racket can make a significant difference in a player's game. Being at the forefront of innovation and design, Wilson has introduced the Wilson Bela LT V2.5 2024 racket, which stands out as a top contender for players looking to refine their performance on the court. Crafted for those who appreciate a harmonious blend of power and control, this racket is a compelling choice.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of the Wilson Bela LT V2.5 is ideally suited for players who aim for an aggressive game while not forgoing the sweet spot precision needed for tight shots. This layout harmonizes the innate power of the racket with excellent control, making for a well-rounded, competitive experience on the court.

Materials and Texture

Boasting a carbon fiber frame and faces, the racket offers a sturdy construction that enhances playability through its durability and energy transfer. The EVA Soft core is a delightful aspect, providing a cushioned sensation that delivers superior shock absorption during play. This translates to comfort for the arms, even during extended rallies or the most grueling matches.


Wilson has incorporated the Signature Spin Effect texture into the face of the racket which is a particular highlight, bestowing players with unprecedented control over the ball. Those precise, spin-loaded shots that can turn the tide of a match are effortless with this innovative feature. Additionally, Sharp Hole Technology for hole distribution increases the grip on the ball, yielding superior control and accuracy, a boon for any serious player.

In-Game Experience

From the Back of the Court

When playing from the baseline, the medium feel of this racket offers a comforting sense of predictability with each stroke. One can confidently drive the ball deep into the opponent's territory. The balance of control and power feels just right for both strategic placement and convincing clears.

Up at the Net

As you advance to the net, the Wilson Bela LT V2.5 truly shines. The racket cuts through the air with velocity, propelling volleys with substantial pace. The spin capability becomes even more apparent close-up, giving sliced shots and drop shots an advantage over the adversary.

When Smashing

On the offensive, when the opportunity for a smash arises, this racket does not disappoint. The power delivery when overhead is both satisfying and effective, giving players the chance to finish the point with a bold statement.


Overall, the Wilson Bela LT V2.5 2024 leaves its mark as a formidable ally on the padel court. It is undeniably crafted for intermediate to advanced players, those who are keen on a racket that supports an assertive play style while still offering stability and finesse. While it's not without competition in the padel racket landscape, it stands out for its thoughtful combination of technologies and materials that elevate each game for an array of player preferences.

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