Wilson Bela Pro V2

Experience unmatched play with the Wilson Bela Pro V2 2023 paddle racket - made of carbon fiber with a firm EVA core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9




370 gr




Firm EVA


Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

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Wilson Bela Pro V2


In the sport of padel, the equipment you use frequently impacts the level of your game. Padel rackets, in particular, hold significant importance due to the role they play in the game. Today, let's delve into a comprehensive review of one such quality racket, the Wilson Bela Pro V2.


This padel racket has a unique blend of features that caters to a wide range of players, ensuring excellent game performance and guaranteeing a delightful gaming experience.

Shape and Balance

The shape of the Wilson Bela Pro V2 significantly influences its extraordinary control and powerful shots. The diamond shape encourages a balanced swing, boosting both power and control, enabling precise shots that are sure to keep your opponent on their toes.


In my experience, the grip of the Wilson Bela Pro V2 warrants special mention. Its comfortable grip size leads to both ease and control during long, intense matches. It provides an exceptional grip which improves the usability of the racket, making it easy to maintain top performance throughout extensive periods of play.

Power and Control

Where power and control are concerned, the Wilson Bela Pro V2 distinguishes itself brilliantly. Its striking power-control balance makes this racket an exceptional tool on the court. It provides high control while maintaining excellent shot power, perfect for those thrilling match moments.

Comfort and Speed

When it comes to ease and speed, the Wilson Bela Pro V2 excels. Its well-instilled features combined with a snug grip make it pleasurable to use during continuous play. Contributing to its quick response, this balance allows for commendable speed and precise shots.

Material and Durability

Frame and Faces

One of the noteworthy highlights of the Wilson Bela Pro V2 is its robust carbon fiber frame and faces. These materials guarantee superior resistance to wear and tear, assuring the racket's durability even under intense and continuous play.


The Wilson Bela Pro V2 also features a Firm EVA core, which provides excellent rebound properties while ensuring durability – a perfect combination for any padel enthusiast.


In conclusion, the Wilson Bela Pro V2 comes across as an excellent choice for passionate padel players. Its high power and control playability combined with comfortful grip and durable materials make it a reliable racket in any padel game.

However, as always, it's vital to consider if its characteristics match your personal needs. While it's a well-rounded racket that has a lot to offer, you should ensure it aligns with your playstyle, comfort, and skill level before making a purchase.

After all, the right racket can elevate your performance on the padel court. Choose wisely and enjoy your journey in the exciting world of padel!

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