Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023

Discover phenomenal game balance with the Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023 padel racket. Exceptional control and power in a round shape design.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.4




350 - 385 gr




Dual Density EVA


Double Layer 3K Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

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Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023

The Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023 is definitely a racket that stands out when you’re on the paddel court. Aimed at intermediate to advanced level players, this model brings together several desirable features for padel play, contributing to an excellent all-round performance.


Shape and Balance

The round-shape design of the Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023 is instrumental in demonstrating its high-level counterparts. It offers an exceptional equilibrium between control and power, providing a secure, steady feel on the grip.


When I held the Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023, the comfortable size of the grip also struck me. Perfectly fitting into my hand, it adds an element of comfort during long, strenuous matches while significantly boosting control and precision.

Power and Control

Breaching the subject of power and control, the Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023 can easily steal the spotlight. Comparatively superior to several alternatives in the market, this padel racket shows an impressive distribution of power and control allowing for a consistently aggressive and defensive performance during matches.

Comfort and Speed

In terms of comfort, the Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023 does not disappoint. The overall shape and design of this racket, with special mention to the grip, aids in prolonged usage without discomfort. Also notable is the racket's prompt response time that melds an ideal synthesis of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

One area where the Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023 really shines is in its durability, provided by the composition of the frame with carbon fiber and double-layer carbon fiber 3K on the faces. This assures high resistance to damage and ensures the racket’s longevity in high-intensity matches, with the added advantage of featuring an EVA Dual Density core that livens up the rebound ability.


Rounding off, the Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023 captures attention for its amalgamation of power and control with intense comfort, proper durability, and high-speed response. Tailored for those who are looking to advance their skills on the padel court, it certainly emerges as a worthy option amidst the array of rackets available.

Whether its features align with your playing style is the key determining factor. If you hold your games in high regard and aim to enhance your technique, the Star Vie Metheora Dual 2023 can be the right catalyst in your padel journey. Remember, your selection can make or break your on-court performance, so it's crucial to carefully decide. Navigate your way through the game with more confidence using the right racket in hand!

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