Wilson Junior Minons 2.0

Review of 2022's Wilson Junior Minons 2.0 Padel Racket. Made with a Fibra de Vidrio frame and EVA Soft core. Ideal for young athletes.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.4




310 gr




Soft EVA





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Wilson Junior Minons 2.0

The world of padel is not short of remarkable rackets. But today, as we take a deep dive into reviewing the Wilson Junior Minons 2.0, it's fair to say this exceptional piece of equipment certainly stands out among the crowd. Specifically designed for the ambitious players eyeing improvement, this racket exhibits an impressive mix of capabilities, promising an enriching experience on the court.


The wide-ranging aspects of the Wilson Junior Minons 2.0 make it crucial to examine each attribute closely and appreciate its unique characteristics.

Shape and Balance

The racket is shaped in a distinct Tear form, a detail that significantly contributes to the commanding control it offers. This unique balance distribution across the racket ensures a smooth, comfortable, and stable swing, allowing for enhanced shot accuracy.

Grip and Feel

Holding the Wilson Junior Minons 2.0 is certainly a treat. You'll find the grip size to be just right, providing a mix of comfort and control even in the most intense games. The feel of the racket sits on a sublime medium-soft scale. This, combined with the comfortable grip, ensures a promising gaming experience over long hours of play.

Power and Control

Let's shed light on one of the most impressive features of the Wilson Junior Minons 2.0 - its blend of control and power. With a cushioning EVA Soft Core, it enables players to make powerful strikes with solid control. This blend supports both attack and defense play, giving the player a significant advantage on the court.

Comfort and Maneuverability

The comfort associated with the Wilson Junior Minons 2.0 is unmatched. The ergonomic grip and the harmonious balance facilitate extended hours of comfortable play. Besides, the racket scores highly on maneuverability. It swiftly responds to players' movements, striking a fine balance between speed and precision.

Materials and Durability

The materials used in crafting the Wilson Junior Minons 2.0 boost its overall durability. With the frame and faces fashioned from sturdy fiberglass, the racket offers remarkable resistance to wear, promising to be a long-lasting companion on the padel court.


Gathering up the threads, the Wilson Junior Minons 2.0 comes out as an incredibly handy racket for players seeking to enhance their game. Its powerful and controlled playability, cushy grip, and resilient durability make it a reliable padel partner.

However, it's essential to note that every player's needs are unique. While this racket excels in many areas, it may not meet the specific requirements of absolute beginners. Yet, for those players keen on honing their skills and refashioning their playing technique, the Wilson Junior Minons 2.0 might very well be an investment that pays generous dividends.

It's worth remembering that selecting the perfect racket could strategically improve your performance on the court. Hence, evaluate the aforementioned attributes carefully, and arm yourself with a racket that serves your unique needs the best. Until then, may the force be with you on your exciting padel journey!

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