Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2

Review of the 2022 Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 padel racket, with a medium-soft feel, and carbon fiber frame.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.4




365 gr




EVA Soft


Fiberglass + Carbon


Carbon Fiber

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Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2

The Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 is a padel racket that breathes innovation and elite functionality. Specially crafted for players at an intermediate level or above, this racket has been engineered to provide an unbeaten blend of control, power, and overall playability.


This section will provide an in-depth analysis of the Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2, evaluating the core features that contribute to its superior performance on the padel court.

Shape and Balance

Taking a look at the Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2, it's evident that its shape is a significant contributor to its exceptional gameplay. Its round shape promotes a balanced distribution of weight across the racket, ensuring stability during swings and aiding in precise shot placement.


This brings us to the grip of the Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2. A well-fitted grip is often crucial in ensuring a comfortable and controlled gameplay. The standard size fits snugly to provide not only comfort but also precise control during long and gruelling matches.

Power and Control

The power-control balance of the Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 is truly remarkable, making it a noteworthy asset on the padel court. This balance gives both beginners and intermediate players an edge in attacking and defensive plays, stepping up their overall game.

Comfort and Maneuverability

In terms of comfort, the Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 scores highly. Its expertly rounded design coupled with its ergonomic grip makes it ideally suited for extended gameplay. Additionally, the racket's balance aids swift responses, providing an excellent combination of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

Another key strength of the Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 is its material composition. The racket's frame boasts a carbon fiber construction, a material renowned for its resistance to wear and tear. This ensures the racket's durability, promising longevity even with intensive and regular play.

The faces of the racket are made with a blend of fiberglass and carbon, enhancing the resilience of the racket while providing an added layer of control and power to the game. The core consists of an EVA Soft material, which lends a medium-soft feel, ensuring optimal rebound experience and sweet spot effect.


In conclusion, the Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 emerges as an excellent choice for intermediate level players aiming to raise their game standards. Its superb blend of power and control, comfortable grip, and durable materials make it a reliable ally on the padel court.

But, as with every purchase, remember to consider if these qualities align with your specific game needs and preferences. For the players looking forward to investing in their padel progression, the Wilson Pro Staff Elite V2 makes a confident choice that will not disappoint. After all, your performance on the court can be significantly influenced by your choice of racket - so choose wisely! Happy Padel playing!

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