Royal Padel RP790 Whip

Explore the Royal Padel RP790 Whip, a versatile padel racket offering a perfect balance of power and control. Ideal for intermediate players and used by pros.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.1




350 - 385 gr






Aluminized Fiber Glass


Fiber Glass + Carbon

Royal Padel RP790

The Royal Padel RP790 Whip is a versatile padel racket that stands out in its class. Engineered with a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber, this racket caters exceptionally well to intermediate players who seek the ideal balance between power and control. The Royal Padel RP790 Whip delivers outstanding performance on the court, and is widely used by World Padel Tour players, demonstrating its high quality and reliability.


In terms of shape, the Royal Padel RP790 Whip is skillfully designed to offer precise control and easy maneuverability, making it a favorite amongst technical players. The racket's core provides softness and quick recovery, which enhances comfort during gameplay, allowing us to perform better and longer.

The racket's balance can be felt in each swing, providing a delightful combination of power and control that keeps us competitive on the court. It maintains a decent level of power without compromising on control, a blend that many intermediate players will appreciate.

Regarding the grip, the Royal Padel RP790 Whip boasts a soft, non-slip, sweat-resistant handle. This ensures a comfortable grip throughout the game, reducing vibrations significantly due to the central strut located in the racket's heart.

The only area of concern could be the weight. We noticed that the Royal Padel RP790 might be slightly heavier than other intermediate rackets, which could be an essential factor for those who prefer ultra-light rackets.

Material and Durability

One of the key strengths of the Royal Padel RP790 Whip lies in its construction. It is manufactured with a blend of bidirectional fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforcements. This mix gives the racket extraordinary durability and flexibility, providing us with the competitive edge we need in intense matches.

However, one thing to note is that the Royal Padel RP790 requires appropriate care to maintain its resistance to high temperatures. If taken care of correctly, this racket is built to last, offering sustained performance over time.


To wrap it up, the Royal Padel RP790 Whip has proven itself to be a superb choice for intermediate padel players. This racket delivers a unique combination of power, control, durability, and comfort that few other rackets can match. Though it may be slightly heavier than some may prefer, the balance it offers and its high-quality construction make it a worthy investment.

As we found out in our in-depth gameplay, with the right care and maintenance, the Royal Padel RP790 Whip can be a reliable ally on the padel court, helping you improve your game and enjoy each match to the fullest.

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