Royal Padel RP790 Whip Polietileno 2022

Detailed review of the Royal Padel RP790 Whip Polietileno 2022 - top-tier padel racket with Fibra de Vidrio + Carbono frame.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.4




350 - 385 gr






Aluminized Fiberglass


Fiberglass + Carbon

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Royal Padel RP790 Whip Polietileno 2022

From the reputed house of Royal Padel, comes the latest entry into the sport, the Royal Padel RP790 Whip Polietileno 2022. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, Royal Padel continually raises the bar, and this model is no exception. Let's dive in to see what makes this racket so special.


Stepping onto the court with the RP790 Whip Polietileno 2022, you'll immediately notice the extraordinary balance between power and control.

Shape and Balance

The round shape of the racket is primarily responsible for this impeccable equilibrium. It lends a sense of consistency and stability during gameplay, further enhancing shot precision.


The racket's grip is incredibly comfortable, perfect for those long-drawn heated matches. This comfort does not compromise on control - in fact, it bolsters your command over the racket, significantly improving playability.

Power and Control

The RP790 Whip Polietileno 2022 deftly manages to maintain a robust balance of power and control. The unique blend of properties makes this racket a true force to be reckoned with on the court, upping the ante for both your offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Comfort and Maneuverability

In addition to its impressive performance statistics, the RP790 Whip Polietileno 2022 does not skimp on comfort either. The smoothly-rounded design and ergonomic grip make it a joy to use even in the longest matches. The balance of the racket further contributes to its astonishing responsiveness, providing a healthy dose of speed and accuracy.

Material and Durability

The RP790 Whip Polietileno 2022 stands apart due to its meticulous construction. The frame is composed of a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber, imparting robustness and longevity to it. The faces of the racket are made from aluminized fiberglass, lending a unique feel and adding strength. The core of the racket, made from polyethylene, ensures flexibility and resistance against wear and tear.


After our comprehensive review, the Royal Padel RP790 Whip Polietileno 2022 emerges as an exceptional choice for any padel player looking to amplify their game. The splendid blend of power and control, coupled with a comfortable grip and solid durability, make for a dependable associate on the padel court.

However, remember to consider if its features align with your specific needs and playing style. As always, choosing the right racket can be the game-changer on the court, so contemplate carefully before you make a decision. Best of luck as you continue your thrilling journey in the electrifying world of padel.

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