Adidas RX 300 2022

Review of the Adidas RX 300 2022 Padel Racket: tear shape, medium-soft feel, and crafted with quality materials.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.3




360 - 375 gr




Soft EVA Performance


Braided Fiber Glass


Braided Fiber Glass

Adidas RX 300 2022

The Adidas RX 300 2022 is a racket worth passionately discussing. Catering ideally to intermediate-level players, the blend of attributes this racket offers elevates the padel play experience significantly. It's a harmonious duality of power and control topped with superior playability, hence worthwhile for every competitive player on the padel court.


Shape and Balance

This racket is shaped in a Tear shape, which significantly contributes to its power and control. This shape paired with the optimum balance across the racket lends an impressive stability to swings, thus pushing towards more precise shots.


From my personal use, a standout feature was the racket's grip. The grip size was just right, offering an enhanced convenience and control with extended matches. Thus, ensuring a maintained high playability even during long match durations.

Power and Control

Power and control form the core where the Adidas RX 300 2022 truly shines. The high-octane power it produces in tandem with optimum control makes it a formidable ally on the court. It offers intermediate players a significant surge in both attack and defense plays.

Comfort and Speed

In terms of comfort, the racket checks all boxes. Its sophisticated design alongside an ergonomic grip makes extended play durations a pleasant experience. Moreover, the balance of the racket also ensures a speedy response aligning speed and precision for quick-fire games.

Material and Durability

One prominent strength of the Adidas RX 300 2022 is its strong construction. The Fiber Glass Braided frame and faces guarantee a high durability through resistance to wear and tear, fortifying the longevity of the racket even in intense play. Inside it you have a EVA Soft Performance core that ensures a Medium-Soft feel.


Summing up, the Adidas RX 300 2022 is an enticing choice for intermediate padel players striving to up their game. The strong power balanced with controlled playability, snug grip, and robust durability, make this racket a reliable comrade on the padel court.

However, like everything, it is crucial to see how its attributes align with your playing style. This racket's design might be challenging for a few to handle. But for those who seek to invest in their growth and improvement in padel, the Adidas RX 300 2022 is a commendable choice that won't disappoint.

Remember, the perfect racket can make a world of difference in your court performance, so consider these aspects before making a decision. Best of luck on your thrilling padel journey!

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