Babolat Reflex 2022

Explore the Babolat Reflex 2022, a diamond-shaped padel racket with a carbon frame, Fibra de Vidrio faces, and a soft EVA core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot5.1




350 - 370 gr




Low density EVA





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Babolat Reflex 2022

With padel rackets, optimizing your gameplay is a balance between power and control. A standout racket aiming to achieve this equilibrium is the Babolat Reflex 2022. Revered for its balanced playability and exceptional composition, this racket holds the potential to uplift your performance on the padel court, whether you're a novice or an intermediate player.


Celebrate the Blend of Power and Control with the Babolat Reflex 2022

Shape and Balance

With its unique Diamond shape, which contributes significantly to maneuverability, the Babolat Reflex 2022 enables effortless, swift strokes. The weight distribution across the racket further enhances the stability during swings, allowing players to strike with extraordinary precision.

Materials and Feel

Constructed with a low density EVA core, encased by Fiberglass faces, the Babolat Reflex 2022 offers a Medium-Soft feel. This implies that with every swing, players can experience the perfect blend of flexibility and firmness. Furthermore, the Carbon frame increases the overall durability of the racket, ensuring an extended lifespan even under strenuous play.

Power and Control

The finely balanced aspects of power and control demonstrate where the Babolat Reflex 2022 truly shines. With optimal power-control, this padel racket can be an asset in both attack and defense scenarios, supporting the player to advance their gameplay remarkably.

Grip and Comfort

Beyond performance, the Babolat Reflex 2022 brings immense attention to comfort. The grip is comfortable and standard-sized, therefore providing firm control and endurance during lengthy battles. Coupled with its well-rounded design, players can expect a high level of playability, even after extended periods of gameplay.

Material and Durability

Boasting a durable Carbon frame and Fiberglass faces, the Babolat Reflex 2022 holds significant resistance against wear and tear. Excitingly, the durability and supreme material composition promise consistent performance, ensuring the longevity of the racket regardless of the intensity of play.


The Babolat Reflex 2022 surfaces as a powerful contender for those committed to their growth in padel. From its phenomenal blend of power and control, comfortable grip, to its durability, it is equipped to handle dozens of matches while maintaining consistency in performance.

However, every player's needs are unique. It's critical to evaluate if the characteristics of this racket align with your gameplay style and personal requirements. While the Babolat Reflex 2022 is a gem in its own right, understanding your needs and comfort is the first step towards choosing your perfect padel racket.

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