Drop Shot Ionic

Explore the 2023 Drop Shot Ionic Padel Racket with a medium-soft feel & Carbon 12K + 3D Face. Ideal for increasing control on-court.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




350 - 375 gr




Soft EVA


12K Carbon + 3D Face



Drop Shot Ionic

Introducing the Drop Shot Ionic, a unique and versatile padel racket from the esteemed Drop Shot brand. This exceptional racket showcases an innovative blend of design and materials, ensuring superior playability and performance on the court.


Shape and Balance

The Drop Shot Ionic sports a round shape, a prevalent design choice in the world of padel. This shape contributes to a well-balanced distribution across the racket's body, providing not only stability but also precision during play. This feature ensures that shots are accurately targeted, regardless of the speed or angle of the ball.


One aspect I found impressively comfortable with the Drop Shot Ionic was the grip. Designed to fit snugly in hand, the grip enhances the overall control and comfort during lengthy matches, making it easier to swing and land accurate shots with ease.

Power and Control

Where the Drop Shot Ionic truly shines is in its remarkable balance between power and control. With this racket in hand, I found striking the ball with both strength and precision incredibly effortless, making it a valuable tool for both offensive and defensive plays.

Rebound and Maneuverability

Another defining feature of the Drop Shot Ionic is its superb rebound capability, thanks to its medium-soft feel. Coupled with its impressive maneuverability, it allowed me to speedily respond to incoming balls and send them flying with accuracy. Truly, this racket offers an excellent blend of nimbleness and precision.

Material and Durability

The Drop Shot Ionic bears testimony to the quality of materials used in its construction. It consists of a carbon frame and faces that are incredibly sturdy, alongside an EVA Soft core that adds a cushioning effect upon impact. This combination promises resistance against wear and tear, guaranteeing the racket's durability even with prolonged, intense usage.


In a nutshell, the Drop Shot Ionic makes for an excellent pick for its superior stability, remarkable power-control combo, and outstanding durability. It may seem daunting initially, especially for beginners due to its advanced design and capabilities. However, for those willing to invest in mastering its use, the Drop Shot Ionic provides the perfect platform for harnessing and developing your skills in padel.

Will it be the right choice for every player? Not necessarily. But as a padel enthusiast, I firmly believe that finding the perfect racket is a personal journey, dependent on individual needs and preferences. If its features and capabilities align with your style of play, the Drop Shot Ionic could just be the game-changer you need.

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