Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021

Discover the Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021 padel racket, designed for medium feel and precision control. Built with carbon fiber frame.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.2




360 - 375 gr






Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

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Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021

The Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021 is undoubtedly a tough contender in the court of padel rackets. Designed to deliver optimal results, this racket exhibits a remarkable combination of power, control, and durability that caters to the needs of players at varying skill levels. Its noteworthy design and resilient materials make it a choice worth considering.


Shape and Balance

Crafted with a Tear shape, the Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021 demonstrates a impressive balance that guarantees efficient gameplay. Its shape contributes to the racket's overall performance by providing an equilibrium between power and control. This effectively broadens the range of strokes a player can execute on the court.

Grip and Maneuverability

The Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021 is equipped with a comfortable grip that aids in maintaining a high level of maneuverability. Whether there's a need for precision or a quick response, the refined grip on this racket enhances its function and usability.

Power and Control

The power and control offered by the Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021 is a testament to its well-conceived design. Offering a medium to high performance in both areas, the racket is a versatile tool that gives players the upper hand during matchups. Whether it’s offensive play or defensive tactics, this racket ensures players are game-ready at all times.

Materials and Durability

Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021 is made with Carbon Fibre for both frame and faces which promise a solid structural strength. The core is made of EVA Pro, renowned for its robustness and impact resistance. This combination of materials provides excellent durability, catering to continuous and rigorous play.


The feel of a racket plays a crucial role in the player's performance, and Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021 is no exception. It offers a medium feel, ensuring a comfortable grip and ease of maneuverability. The racket's structure and materials work in harmony to provide players with a smooth and steady swinging motion.


To sum up, the Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021 emerges as a strong choice for padel lovers. Its balanced blend of power, control, and durability coupled with a comfortable feel render it an excellent pick for both beginner and pro players.

However, as every player has unique requirements and preferences, it's recommended to assess the suitability of this racket based on individual needs and playing style. Regardless, the Dunlop Inferno Pro Carbon 2021 stands out as a promising tool that can significantly enhance performance on the padel court, making the game an exceptionally enjoyable experience.

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