Siux Raven 3K Control

Explore the ultimate padel experience with Siux Raven 3K Control racket. Ideal for mastering power and precision on the court.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




355 - 375 gr






3K Carbon, Fiberglass


100% Carbon

Siux Raven 3K Control

The Siux Raven 3K Control racket is designed to impress, tailored for players who prioritize control in their games. With a unique blend of performance features and durability, this model propels the gaming experience, ensuring you shine on the court.


The Siux Raven 3K Control is a versatile racket that brings a well-rounded performance to the court. It carries its unique charm from its perfect structure to its impeccable delivery to the thoughtful materials used in its construction.

Shape and Balance

The emphasis on control becomes apparent with the round shape of the Siux Raven 3K Control racket. This contributing immensely to the stability it provides during games. The skilfully even balance brings forth an impressive shot precision.


The grip of Siux Raven 3K Control racket accounts for the superior comfort that users have come to appreciate. A well-proportioned size provides just the perfect fit, encouraging both comfort and control even during marathon matches.

Power and Control

It's notable how the Siux Raven 3K provides an admirable balance of power and control. Its well-engineered design combines with the round shape to enhance both attacking and defensive plays, equipping you with a formidable weapon on the court.

Comfort and Speed

Designed with the player's comfort in mind, the Siux Raven 3K Control racket delivers beyond expectations. The well-balanced, ergonomic design ensures it remains enjoyable to use, even for more extended play periods. Also, the racket's balance promotes a swift response, contributing significantly to its speed and precision.

Material and Durability

From the frame to the faces and the core of the racket, the Siux Raven 3K Control boasts of exclusive materials that not only enhance play but also ensure its longevity. The 100% carbon frame, in combination with 3K carbon faces and a EVA Soft EHR core, makes the racket impressively resistant to wear and tear. Designed for durability, this racket ensures you enjoy many games without worrying about intense play affecting the racket’s performance.


The Siux Raven 3K Control is indeed a remarkable choice for padel players who value control in their game. Its impressive playability balance, comfortable grip, and robust durability make it an indispensable ally on the court.

However, it is essential to consider your unique needs before making a choice. Always remember, the best racket in the market becomes the best for you only when it complements your style, skills, and convenience. So, ensure you thoroughly weigh the Siux Raven 3K Control’s features before making your decision. And most importantly, enjoy your journey into the mesmerizing world of padel with the confidence of having a reliable partner by your side.

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