Dunlop Rocket Tour Azul 2023

Explore Dunlop Rocket Tour Azul 2023 - a round shape medium feel padel racket with fiberglass finish. Perfect for intermediate level play.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.2




360 - 375 gr









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Dunlop Rocket Tour Azul 2023

In the bustling and dynamic world of padel, the Dunlop Rocket Tour Azul 2023 has proudly left an impression as a superior choice for beginners. Its nimble maneuverability and stable shot accuracy ensure an enhanced playing experience for newcomers learning the ropes of the game.


Shape and Balance

Starting with the design of the Dunlop Rocket Tour Azul 2023, its round shape creates a fairly even distribution of the racket's balance. This equilibrium provides players with increased control during strokes, enhancing precision and accuracy of their shots.


What sets this racket apart is the comfortable grip, tailored to facilitate the handling for newcomers. This feature is crucial as it allows players to have a firm hold on the racket, making it a reliable companion during intensive and prolonged games.

Power and Control

Despite being a beginner-friendly racket, the Dunlop Rocket Tour Azul 2023 doesn't sacrifice power for its control. It manages to harmonize both aspects to deliver a satisfactory performance -allows players to deliver powerful shots while maintaining ample control over the rally.

Comfort and Speed

On the comfort front, the Dunlop Rocket Tour Azul 2023 prevails with high scores due to its lightweight nature and an exceptional sweet spot. The swift reaction time and ease of handling bring an impressive blend of speed and accuracy to your game.

Material and Durability

Frame and Faces

The frame and faces are crafted with fiberglass, ensuring an acceptable level of durability and firmness. Despite being less resistant than carbon, it aids in rendering the racket more flexible, a trait that's beneficial for beginners.


The core of the racket features EVA Pro material, known for introducing a touch of softness to the final touch. This means that it's easier to control the ball, especially for those starting out in the game of padel.


In conclusion, the Dunlop Rocket Tour Azul 2023 is a commendable option for beginners stepping into the padel world. The grip comfort, power, control, and round shape design make it ideal for them to unravel their potential effectively on the court.

Nevertheless, like any other racket, the Dunlop Rocket Tour Azul 2023 might not cater to all playing styles out there. It's crucial that beginners evaluate its specs against their own personal preferences before reaching a decision. Rest assured, if you seek a starter's racket that doesn't compromise on quality and efficiency, this model might just be your perfect court companion. Good luck with your adventures in the thrilling world of padel!

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