Enebe Response Fiber Blue 2024

Discover the Enebe Response Fiber Blue 2024 padel racket, perfect for intermediate players seeking versatility.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.6




355 - 370 gr




Black EVA HR3





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Enebe Response Fiber Blue 2024

When I first picked up the Enebe Response Fiber Blue 2024, I could immediately tell it was designed to strike the perfect balance between power and control. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it aims to suit players who seek a well-rounded performance from their racket. As someone always on the lookout for gear that could potentially enhance my game, I was eager to put it through its paces and see how it performed on the padel court.


Shape and Balance

Digging into the details, the tear drop shape of the Enebe Response Fiber Blue grips the eye with its promise of a medium-soft feel, catering to players who value a blend of offensive versatility and strategic play. The racket maintains a balanced distribution, which facilitates a more controlled swing and better shot placement, an attribute I found notably helpful during rapid exchanges at the net.

Material and Durability

Surrounding its core of Black EVA HR3, the Enebe Response Fiber Blue boasts a fiberglass frame and faces, offering resilience and a pleasing touch upon ball contact. The combination of these materials leads to a racket that holds up well under frequent use, although I always recommend a racket protector for extending its lifespan.

Feel and Maneuverability

The medium-soft feel of the Black EVA HR3 core contributes to a comfortable impact, preventing the discomfort that can come with rackets that are too stiff. Maneuverability-wise, this racket allows for quick reactions and easy handling, a crucial aspect when defending against aggressive shots or changing the direction of play instantly.

Power and Control

While testing, the racket exhibited a commendable balance between power and control. It doesn’t lean excessively towards either, making it a versatile option for an all-round style of play. Players looking for a racket to complement both their smashing ability and finesse will appreciate this equilibrium.

Comfort and Speed

Offering a moderately light and responsive feel, it also caters well to those long rallies, where maintaining speed and precision can be exhausting with the wrong equipment. The racket operates with a level of agility, ensuring I didn’t feel dragged down during lengthy back-and-forth volleys.


Overall, the Enebe Response Fiber Blue 2024 strikes me as an excellent choice for players who don't want to compromise between delivering power and maintaining control. Its construction is solid, the handling is agile, and the comfort during play is notable. It's a racket that doesn't just look good in its iridescent finish but also stands out with its on-court capabilities.

Those who play a strategic or varied game will find this racket a trustworthy partner, capable of supporting swift changes in strategy without missing a beat. Whether you're at the beginning of your padel journey or already entrenched in the intermediate realm, this racket can support your development while ensuring your play remains consistent and effective.

Choosing the right racket can indeed be transformative for your game, and with the Enebe Response Fiber Blue 2024, the potential for that transformation is well within reach.

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