Enebe Response Fiber Purple 2024

Unveiling the Enebe Response Fiber Purple 2024, perfect for players seeking style & performance.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.6




355 - 370 gr




Black EVA HR3





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Enebe Response Fiber Purple 2024

As a seasoned padel enthusiast, it's always exciting to come across a racket that promises not only to raise the stakes of your game but also to add a dash of style to your play. My latest experience on the court involved a thorough playtest of the Enebe Response Fiber Purple 2024 – a racket that catches the eye with its lustrous iridescent finish and promises a harmonious mix of control and agility. Here's my detailed analysis of its performance and features.


Shape and Balance

Given its teardrop shape, the Response Fiber Purple 2024 provides an optimal combination of control and attacking potential. It retains a medium balance, lending itself to an extremely versatile performance on the court. The blend of equilibrium in its design allows players to switch between defense and attack without any hassle.

Feel and Playability

When I took the Enebe Response Fiber Purple to court, the medium-soft feel was immediately noticeable. It offered a comfortable rebound effect which, combined with the Black EVA HR3 core material, resulted in a very responsive feedback during rallies. This racket maintained a smooth feel throughout bouts of intense play, ensuring that my arms didn't fatigue prematurely.


The teardrop shape is ideal for those who want a blend of power and control. This shape aids in delivering a formidable stroke while still maintaining good accuracy, something vital for players who want to keep their opponents guessing.


Agility is crucial in padel, and this is where the Response Fiber Purple's fiberglass frame and faces come into play. Despite its sturdy construction, it moved with me effortlessly as I switched plays, from powerful volleys to the softest of drops.

Sweet Spot

The well-distributed weight across the racket expanded the sweet spot, making it forgiving and reliable when I was not hitting right in the center. During my playtest, the generous sweet spot reduced my number of miss-hits and boosted my confidence to go for those high-impact shots.

Material and Durability

The durability of the Response Fiber Purple gets a boost with its fiberglass construction. Not only does it contribute to the racket's striking aesthetics, but it also stands up well against the wear and tear that comes from regular play. Whether you're a frequent player or an occasional visitor to the courts, this racket is built to last.

Frame and Surface Construction

The construction with fiberglass for both the frame and faces provides an excellent blend of firmness and flexibility. The choice of material here points towards a racket designed to cater to dynamic play, emphasizing the durability needed for a long-term part of any player's arsenal.


The Black EVA HR3 core is a critical aspect, offering a superior rebound that ensures energy is not wasted upon ball impact, allowing for dynamic and powerful shots even during the toughest rallies.


My time with the Enebe Response Fiber Purple 2024 was nothing short of compelling. It's a racket that promises – and delivers – a balanced experience with an enticing combination of style and substance. Whether you're finessing your shots for control or power-loading your smashes, this racket handles it all gracefully.

The stroke is pleasant and the maneuverability it offers allows for a more creative game. And when it comes down to lasting through those grueling match days, the durable materials promise that this racket will be by your side for the long run. For intermediate players looking to make a statement on the court, both with skills and style, the Response Fiber Purple is an excellent choice.

Ultimately, choosing the right racket aligns closely with personal preference and playstyle. But if your game demands a tool that offers versatility, responsiveness, and durability wrapped in an eye-catching package, then the Enebe Response Fiber Purple 2024 might just be the next great addition to your padel journey.

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