Star Vie Eclipta 2024

Discover precision & comfort with Star Vie Eclipta 2024, ideal for enhancing your game. Embrace a balanced approach to padel mastery.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.9




350 - 385 gr




EVA Ultra Speed Soft


Carbon Fiber + Glass


Carbon Fiber + Glass


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Star Vie Eclipta 2024

Stepping onto the padel court with the Star Vie Eclipta 2024 in hand, I immediately sensed that it was designed with the perfect fusion of comfort and ease of play. As a long-time enthusiast and reviewer of the sport's equipment, I found the Eclipta 2024 to be a particularly interesting addition to Star Vie's lineup, especially for those who prioritize control and playability.


Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Star Vie Eclipta 2024 inherently focuses on control, making it a go-to choice for players seeking reassurance and precision. The balanced weight distribution embraces a medium-soft feel, which nicely complements a strategic playing style, emphasizing placement over outright power.


Upon first grip, the Eclipta 2024's handle extends an extra 1 cm in length, a notable feature that makes two-handed backhands more comfortable. This adjustment to the grip is a small yet impactful innovation, affording extra adaptability and grip security, especially during high-stress scenarios.

Power and Control

Although the Star Vie Eclipta 2024 is not a power-centric racket, it compensates with impeccable control. The racket leans heavily into a strategic game, empowering players to place their shots with high accuracy. It's the type of racket that underpins a player's skill, reinforcing precise movements and finesse over brute strength.

Comfort and Speed

The EVA Ultra Speed Soft core of the racket interweaves comfort with speed, offering a forgiving playing experience and making each shot feel responsive. Maneuverability is a standout characteristic thanks to the racket's composition, allowing for swift changes and quick reactions – a crucial asset in both offensive and defensive plays.

Durability and Sweet Spot

When it comes to durability, the combination of carbon fiber and glass in both the frame and face materials confer the racket with a stalwart and resilient structure. This hybrid construction not only adds longevity but also enhances the racket’s sweet spot through Star Vie's proprietary Xtreme Spot technology, catering to consistently accurate shot-making.

Material and Durability

The Star Vie Eclipta 2024's frame, made of a carbon fiber and glass blend, strikes an excellent balance between elasticity and rebound. This hybrid approach aims to marry the best qualities of both materials: the durability and strength of carbon fiber with the flexibility and responsiveness of glass. Such a combination is engineered for players who favor durability without sacrificing performance.


In conclusion, the Star Vie Eclipta 2024 stands out as a companion for players who value precision and comfort on the court. It's particularly suitable for those refining their technique or preferring a more strategic game. With its round shape, medium-soft feel, and materials designed for longevity, this racket shines through in its segment.

Though it may not cater to power hitters, the Star Vie Eclipta 2024 ensures consistent, controlled play for those honing their skills. It embraces players who appreciate finesse in their game, offering technology to enhance accuracy and enjoy a comfortable experience throughout. For players aligned with this playing style, the Star Vie Eclipta 2024 is a commendable choice that is definitely worth considering.

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