Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022

Discover the Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022 padel racket. Made with Fibra de vidrio and Black EVA core for an excellent playing experience.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




360 - 375 gr




Black EVA





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Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022

Built with precision and created for dominance, the Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022 padel racket is a force to reckon with. From its distinctive aerodynamic design to its carefully crafted balance of power and control, this racket is perfectly suited for players striving to reach higher in their game.


Shape and Balance

Designed with a tear shape, the Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022 has an excellent balance, lending a steady hand even in high-pressure situations. This design simultaneously complements the player's agility and power, making every shot seamless and effective.

Power and Precision

With the Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022, every strike feels natural and effortless. The power and precision that this racket offers set new heights in the performance of each player, making it a must-have in your padel toolkit.


A remarkable feature is the comfortable grip that the Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022 provides. This feature not only amplifies your connection with the racket but also enhances your level of control during strenuous matches.

Control and Stability

The Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022 has been crafted to offer an optimum level of control and stability. This racket allows the player to retain control while maintaining a responsive and stable gameplay experience.

Material and Durability

Constructed with fiberglass for both the frame and the faces, and a Black EVA core, the Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022 promises exceptional durability. This blend of materials ensures that the racket can withstand intense and prolonged use without any compromise on its performance and integrity.

Great Feel

Its medium-soft feel emanates from the core and reverberates through each strike. This unique feature imparts a distinctive touch to the player, enhancing their gameplay experience.


In conclusion, the Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022 is a padel racket that sets the bar high. Its specialized design, optimal power and control, and durable construction make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to push their boundaries in padel. That said, it's always essential to consider if these qualities align with your gameplay style and needs.

Remember, choosing the right racket is crucial in defining your success, and Enebe Spitfire Woman 2022 is built to be a part of your victories. Here’s to many more thrilling matches on your padel journey!

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