Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft

Review for the 2022 Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft padel racket. Its tear shape and soft EVA core enhance maneuverability and control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.2




360 - 380 gr




EVA Soft


Carbon 12K


Carbon Fiber

Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft

Setting foot on the padel court with a quality racket dramatically impacts your game, enhancing performance and elevating your experience. Today we discuss the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft, a padel racket that embodies proficiency, comfort, and durability.


The Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft, our padel racket of focus today, serves as a perfect companion for padel enthusiasts aiming for a high-performance game.

Shape and Feel

The teardrop shape of the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft positions its sweet spot higher than center. This positioning accommodates both control and power-oriented gameplay, offering a balanced setup.

Balance and Maneuverability

The medium feel of the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft gives a sense of stability and control when maneuvering. With this racket in your hand, you'll experience swifter responses, increasing your agility on the court.

Grip and Feel

The handle grips comfortably, reducing fatigue and enhancing your shot precision throughout protracted games. It is indeed a remarkable blend of comfort and performance.

Material and Durability

Robustness is crucial when it comes to game equipment. The frame of the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft comprises carbon fiber, enhancing the racket's solidity without negotiating its weight. The faces cloaked in 12K carbon render it resistant to numerous and varied impacts.

The racket's core features EVA Soft. This foam material boosts the rebound from shots lending a fine balance of firmness and flexibility. The construction guarantees longevity even with extensive use, promising constant companion on your padel journey.

Power and Control

The Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft performs robustly in terms of power and control. This proficient power-control balance transforms it into a formidable tool on the padel court. It primarily favors intermediate players, upgrading their gameplay with improved attack and defense strategies.

Comfort and Efficiency

Relaxation and efficiency play an inevitable role in sporting activities. The well-rounded design, ergonomic grip, and balanced weight of the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft ensures it doesn't fall short of either of these aspects. It provides swift responses, increasing speed and precision, promising an adaptable and comfortable play.


To sum up, the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft is a reliable choice for those eager to develop superior padel skills. It promises consistent performance while ensuring durability and comfort.

Although beginners might find the advanced design a bit overwhelming initially, with regular practice, it promises commendable growth. Always consider the specifications and your specific requirements before picking the right padel racket. The Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Soft promises a gratifying experience in the vibrant world of padel.

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