Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde

Review of the 2022 Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde padel racket, highlighting its medium-soft feel and outstanding maneuverability.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




370 gr




EVA Core





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Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde

The Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde stands as a distinguished addition to any padel enthusiast's arsenal. Designed for players who value a seamless blend of control and power in their performance, this racquet champions a unique design, embodying extraordinary traits that set it apart on the court. Engineered by a prestigious brand like Wilson, the overall build quality of the Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde is definitely worth exploring.


Shape and Balance

The racquet features a Tear shape that amplifies precision and power in every swing. The even distribution of its structure does wonders for stability, ensuring top-notch control during gameplay. Players seeking to improve their maneuverability will greatly benefit from this design.


My experience with the Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde was remarkably comfortable, mainly due to its well-fitted grip size. The comfort it provides during intensive matches is indeed commendable. It helps maintain a superior level of playability, even under longer durations.

Power and Control

One thing that stood out about the Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde is its excellent Power and Control balance. With a well-measured mix of both attacking and defensive aspects, it is a valuable tool any player would love to have. I found this quality immensely useful, particularly when implementing innovative strategies in my matches.

Comfort and Speed

When considering comfort, the Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde scores high. The overall design in synergy with the ergonomic grip accounts for a pleasurable usage experience. Also, the racquet's balance allows for a speedy reaction time during play, thereby ensuring precision along with quick action.

Material and Durability

A distinguishing aspect of the Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde is its strong construction. The frame and faces are made from Fiberglass, ensuring firm strokes and high resistance to wear and tear over time. Displaying a Medium-Soft EVA core, it cushions impacts superbly, making it an excellent choice for regular players.


In conclusion, the Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde comes across as an excellent choice for regular padel players looking to enhance their skills. The blend of power and control it offers, coupled with its balance and control, assists players during intensive matches.

However, like all racquets, it is critical to gauge if this one aligns with your specific requirements. Some players may find certain aspects challenging to handle. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a racquet that provides a significant edge in your gameplay and assists in your development as a player, the Wilson Blade Team V2 Verde is certainly worth consideration.

Choosing the right racquet can greatly influence your performance during a match. Therefore, ensure to consider these pointers before making the final decision. Best of luck for your future matches in the world of padel!

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