Wilson Blade Team V2 Negro Verde Neon

Meet Wilson Blade Team V2, the padel racket that's medium-soft feel with top-tier maneuverability for superior gameplay.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




370 gr




EVA Core





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Wilson Blade Team V2 Negro Verde Neon

Perfectly crafted to heighten your padel game, the Wilson Blade Team V2 Negro Verde Neon is an encapsulation of design brilliance coupled with superior performance. This 2022 gem, delivered by the iconic brand Wilson, is fashioned to deliver an engaging play experience defined by power, control, and remarkable maneuverability. The following are detailed insights into what you can expect from this unique racket.


Shape and Balance

The Wilson Blade Team V2 Negro Verde Neon features a tear shape, synonymous with a balanced combination of power and control in the world of padel. This well-considered design leads to even weight distribution across the racket, blesses the player with a remarkably stable base during swift swings, and further aids in enhancing shot accuracy.


The gripping experience with the Wilson Blade Team V2 is one that should get particular mention. The secure and firm grip contours naturally with your hand, offering unbeatable comfort and impeccable control throughout the game, especially during extended play sessions.

Power and Control

When it comes to merging power and control into one unique offering, the Wilson Blade Team V2 delivers impressively. This perfect power-control balance can give intermediate players an exceptional advantage, enhancing prospects for both defensive and offensive plays. The racket allows you to unleash powerful shots while maintaining excellent control, thus scaling up your overall game performance.

Sweet Spot and Maneuverability

The Wilson Blade Team V2 has an admirable sweet spot, which allows for improved shot accuracy. It also boasts of high maneuverability due to its design, facilitating ease in handling and rapid response during fast-paced exchanges.

Material and Durability

Frame and Face Material

The Wilson Blade Team V2 racket demonstrates durability par excellence, with both the frame and faces flaunting a sturdy glass fiber build. This choice of material gives the racket substantial strength, promising an impressive lifespan even after extensive use in highly competitive matches.

Core Material

The core of the Wilson Blade Team V2 is made from EVA, a material known for its high shock absorption. This medium-soft feel enables powerful shots while reducing the vibration transferred to the player's hand, thus enhancing comfort during play.


The Wilson Blade Team V2 Negro Verde Neon padel racket has definitely set the bar high for its competitors as an exceptional offering in the 2022 season. Its display of comfort, power, and control, accompanied by a quality grip and superior durability, will surely appeal to players seeking an enhanced on-court experience.

However, it is worth noting that this racket's balance of features may not be for everyone. It's necessary to consider whether the power and control equilibrium of this racket match your playing style and needs. Nevertheless, if you're aiming to advance your padel journey, Wilson Blade Team V2 is a choice that promises to never underestimate.

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