Babolat Air Vertuo 2022

Explore Babolat Air Vertuo 2022, the perfect fusion of carbon and glass frame with a medium-soft feel. Impress with a diamond shape racket.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.6




365 - 375 gr




Black EVA


Glass Fiber


Carbon + Glass

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Babolat Air Vertuo 2022

Introducing the Babolat Air Vertuo 2022, a padel racket that stands out with its meticulous design, material composition, and performance. From my personal experience with the racket, I can attest that it combines control and power with effortless maneuverability, ideal for any padel enthusiast looking to enhance their game.


The Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 is thoughtfully designed to suit any playstyle. We'll delve into the specifics in this section.

Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of this racket lends a distinctively aggressive touch to your game. It offers a high balance, which translates into awesome power on your shots, especially when striking near the tip of the racket.


When it comes to grip, the Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 has it nailed. The secure grip ensures a firm hold that not only enhances comfort but also boosts your control over the racket, providing a smoother gameplay experience.

Power and Control

One of the key strengths of this racket is its balanced combination of power and control. Despite its high balance point, I found it still offered enough control for precision hits. Meanwhile, the power was, without a doubt, hard to match, making it a perfect tool for powerful smashes.

Feel and Speed

The feel of this racket ranges from medium-soft. It definitely was easy on the joints and absorbed impacts comfortably while providing a nice, even rebound. Plus, its swift response time enhanced the court coverage and ultimately, the speed of the game.

Material and Durability


This Babolat model sports a frame constructed from a combination of carbon and glass fibre, striking a fine balance between rigidity and flexibility for a truly remarkable performance.


Its rugged faces, built from glass fibre, ensure excellent durability and an impressive power-action, making every shot count.


The Black EVA core stands out with its absorption qualities, providing a soft yet effective ball control, while absorbing shock and impact remarkably well.


To wrap it up, the Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 is a worthy investment for anyone seeking to upgrade their padel game. Packed with power, control, and ease, it is a well-rounded option that would definitely impress on the court.

However, just as with any sport equipment, its suitability boils down to personal preferences and playing style. This racket is a fantastic choice if you're seeking power and comfort, but make sure it aligns with your playstyle before you make the purchase.

Wishing you every success in your journey of exploring and excelling in the thrilling world of padel!

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