Explore our comprehensive review of the GRANDCOW GC-35-L Padel racket – a perfect choice for beginners with balance, comfort, and high performance.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot5.8




350 - 370 gr




Eva Memory


Carbon Fiber




At first glance, the GRANDCOW GC-35-L padel racket captures the attention with its sophisticated design, alluding to its superior performance. But it's not just about looks. This racket caters brilliantly to the needs of beginners with its remarkable features and affordable price. This in-depth review will uncover the ins and outs of this unique padel racket.


Shape and Core

The GRANDCOW GC-35-L sports a full carbon fiber composite surface that ensures the highest performance standard. With an EVA memory foam core, the racket delivers a superb balance of power and control. The core composition also ensures a softer feel, providing comfort and enabling prolonged gameplay without fatigue.

Hitting Source and Balance

The improved hole-drilling technology employed in the GRANDCOW GC-35-L facilitates a broad speed range and highly precise hits. This technology helps decrease windage, further improving control, and ensuring a more balanced hitting source.

Grip and Weight

When it comes to the handle, the GRANDCOW GC-35-L features a soft non-slip, sweat-resistant grip, which makes handling comfortable and secure during extended play. Furthermore, it includes a wrist tether for added safety, preventing the racket from slipping during vigorous matches.

However, some users might find the racket slightly heavier than expected. Although the weight contributes to a robust build and enhanced durability, it could require some time to adapt, especially for beginners.

Power, Control, Speed, and Comfort

With an excellent balance between power and control, the GRANDCOW GC-35-L ensures each hit's precision. The racket's unique design encourages higher speeds and more accurate hits. The EVA foam core, combined with the hole design, gives you a softer feel, enabling more control and comfort during long game sessions.

Material and Durability

The GRANDCOW GC-35-L is crafted with a full carbon fiber composite surface that provides both superior performance and durability. It's made to last and can withstand extensive use.

However, users should be aware that the surface paint might chip with prolonged use. Despite this minor downside, the GRANDCOW GC-35-L's material quality remains intact, and its performance doesn't decline.


If you are a beginner stepping into the exciting world of Padel, the GRANDCOW GC-35-L could be an ideal choice for you. It provides an excellent balance of power, control, and comfort, all at an affordable price. While it may be slightly heavier and require more power to attain better ball bounce, it stands as a testament to durability and high performance.

The GRANDCOW GC-35-L isn't just a paddle; it's a worthy investment in your Padel journey. Remember to care for it properly to maintain its lifespan, and you'll find it's a dependable partner in every match.

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