Head Speed Pro 2023

Review of the Head Speed Pro 2023 padel racket, a perfect blend of power and control with a medium feel and tear shape.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




370 gr




Power FOAM


Fiberglass + Carbon


Carbon + Graphene


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Updated on 13 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Head Speed Pro 2023

Unveiling the Head Speed Pro 2023, an extraordinary padel racket that combines an innovative design with top-quality materials, delivering a superb playing experience on the court. With impressive balance, finely tuned for control, and enhanced power, it presents a formidable tool in a player's arsenal.


The Head Speed Pro 2023 has many attributes that make it stand out in the world of padel rackets.

Shape and Balance

Coming in a teardrop shape, this racket has a perfect equilibrium between control and power. The balance lends a certain stability during play, making every strike feel secure and controlled.


In my testing sessions, I found the grip of this racket to be incredibly comfortable. The standard size fits snugly into the hand, providing optimal control even during the most intense games.

Power and Control

The Head Speed Pro 2023 offers a nice harmony between power and control. It is equipped with the right ingredients to take your attacking shots and defensive returns to the next level.

Maneuverability and Sweet Spot

The racket’s maneuverability is impressive, underlining its usability during fast-paced games. The sweet spot is generous, allowing a good degree of error without compromising on power or control.

Material and Durability

The high-end materials used in the Head Speed Pro 2023 contribute to its incredible durability and performance. The frame is made of a sturdy composition of carbon and graphene, ensuring great resistance to wear and tear. The faces are made up of a blend of fiberglass and carbon, which compliments the rugged frame perfectly. The core consists of Power FOAM, promising a sensational rebound effect.


The Head Speed Pro 2023 is truly a great all-rounder. Balanced, powerful, and extremely responsive, it is surely an excellent choice for both casual and competitive padel players. Its shape and materials set it apart, providing both the power to surge ahead in the game and the control to keep the match on your preferred pace.

Being a pro series racket, beginners might find it a bit sophisticated initially, but with patience and practice, it could very well become their best padel buddy. Padel players intending to up their game would find Head Speed Pro 2023 matching and exceeding their expectations. Always remember, choosing the right racket is a key step in your padel journey, and with the Head Speed Pro 2023, you're making a stride in the right direction!

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