Kombat Delta Force MKIII 2024

Expert review of the Kombat Delta Force MKIII 2024 padel racket. Perfect for improving your padel skills and control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




360 - 370 gr




Black EVA


3D Rough Carbon


100% Carbon

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Kombat Delta Force MKIII 2024

When it comes to optimizing your performance on the padel court, selecting the right racket can make a world of difference. With an eye for detail and a passion for precision, I recently had the opportunity to put the Kombat Delta Force MKIII 2024 through its paces. Boasting a meticulously crafted design tailored for seasoned players, this racket strikes an enviable balance between control and power. Its features provide a clear indication that Kombat has invested considerable thought into its development.


Shape and Balance


The Kombat Delta Force MKIII 2024 has a round shape, which is a testament to its control-oriented nature. The design facilitates an expansive sweet spot, affording consistency in shots and a forgiving nature during off-center hits.


With a medium feel in terms of balance, this racket proves its versatility. The strategic mass distribution allows you to transition seamlessly between defensive plays and those moments when you need to unleash significant power.

Grip and Playability


A confident grip contributes significantly to a racket's playability, and the Kombat Delta Force MKIII 2024 doesn't disappoint. Its grip felt natural in my hand, offering both secure handling and the maneuverability necessary for quick reactions and swift movements.


The Kombat Delta Force MKIII 2024 shines in its playability. Quick volleys, precise lobs, and sharp smashes all felt intuitive. The racket's ability to accommodate various styles of play makes it a versatile choice for competitive players.

Material and Durability

Frame Construction

The frame of the Kombat Delta Force MKIII 2024 is constructed from 100% Carbon, ensuring a robust and sturdy build. This choice of material provides resilience and contributes to the racket's overall longevity.

Surface Innovation

In terms of surface technology, the racket features a Rough 3D Carbon face, which I found to add a bit of extra bite to my shots, enabling me to generate more spin and complexity in my game.

Core Composition

Delving into the core of the racket, the Black EVA material offers a nice balance between return and absorption. Strikes feel solid, and the core seems to dampen vibration efficiently, contributing to a comfortable playing experience without sacrificing power.


Overall, the Kombat Delta Force MKIII 2024 is a serious contender for players who value a harmonious blend of control, power, and maneuverability. Its build quality speaks volumes about its capacity to withstand regular, high-intensity play.

For players keen on refining their skills and requiring a racket that responds well to strategic and powerful play, this model is a prudent choice. It feels at home during an aggressive push yet remains reliable when the pace slows down, necessitating precise and deliberate shot placement. The Kombat Delta Force MKIII 2024 stands as a testament to Kombat's dedication to creating premium equipment for passionate padel enthusiasts.

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