Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard

Explore the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard Padel Racket, complete with a carbon fibre frame, Black EVA core and medium-hard feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




360 - 380 gr




Black EVA


Carbon 12K


Carbon Fiber

Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard

During my extensive padel experiences, I've come across numerous rackets but none have piqued my interest as the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard. With a sterling reputation and being the choice of two former world number ones - Maxi Sánchez and Lucía Sainz, the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard stands out from the crowd for its superb specifications, design, and performance.


Shape and Balance

The Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard adopts a hybrid teardrop shape. This design not only facilitates a moderate sense of balance but also allows for great shot versatility. Outside of the unique shape, it has decent maneuverability, enhancing the ease of play and allowing generous room for technical precision.


Design matters, but what truly sets the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard apart is the materials. It sports an all-carbon frame and faces, further supplemented with 12K Carbon on the faces. Both these attributes considerably heighten the durability, providing greater impact resistance to fulfill the high-intensity demands of the game.


Taking things further, this racket integrates high-density Black EVA into its core. This composition helps to bolster the power behind each swing without compromising on either control or rebound.

Feel and Performance


In terms of feel, the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard prescribes is medium-hard. This allows for better grip and handling, especially during high-stakes matches. The balance further contributes towards a comfortable, smooth swing - an element that can significantly influence match outcomes.


This racket performs exceptionally well in maintaining control of the ball, particularly in defense. It boasts a decent sweet spot and moderate ball rebound, which can help players to effectively handle off-center hits. However, you may need to ensure to polish your techniques to fully capitalize on what this racket offers.


On attack, the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard is very responsive. With a tense volley and a rough face texture that allows for better effect-loaded shots, it grants players the ability to maneuver the ball with remarkable precision and power.


Despite its hard feel, the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard delivers comfort not just in grip but performance. Whether you are a versatile right-hand attacker or classical backhand player who desires a quick game finisher - you can appreciate its easy adaptability to different play styles.


In a nutshell, the Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard is a splendid choice if you desire a trustworthy partner on the court. Its stellar design coupled with beautiful aesthetics and high-quality materials as the carbon frame, the 12k carbon faces, and black EVA core undoubtedly make it stand out.

That said, like any product, it's important to pair it with your unique needs and playing style. Given its specifics, it is most suitable for advanced players looking for a comprehensive blend of power, control, durability, and style. With its immense performance traits, you're gearing up for grand strides in your padel journey.

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