Puma Solar Court 2022

Get the latest review on the 2022 Puma Solar Court Padel Racket; a perfect blend of carbon fibre, fibreglass and EVA Soft materials.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.4




350 - 375 gr




EVA Soft




Carbon Fiber

Puma Solar Court 2022

It's a pleasure to bring you our detailed review of the Puma Solar Court 2022. This racket from the reputable Puma brand is catered to those with a sharp eye for quality. Its proficiency lies in its unique build and characteristics that enhance both performance and comfort on the padel court.


The Puma Solar Court provides an incredibly well-rounded playing experience, with highlights on its power and maneuverability features.

Shape and Balance

The Puma Solar Court 2022 embraces a tear-drop shape, a design that offers an excellent balance between power and control. This shape contributes to an evenly distributed weight throughout the racket, ensuring reliable stability during each swing for better precision.


From our hands-on experience, this racket's comfortable handling is worth mentioning. It provides a standard grip size that fits snugly in the hand, guaranteeing extended comfort and control during long games.

Power and Control

The control and power impact of Puma Solar Court 2022 is impressive. Its constructive design lends an excellent equilibrium between control and power, giving an upper hand in both offensive and defensive play styles.

Comfort and Speed

The Puma Solar Court 2022 shines in its comfort level. Its ergonomic build and grip provide a pleasant experience during long games. Additionally, the racket's balanced design facilitates quick responses, offering a harmonious mix of speed and precision.

Materials and Durability

In terms of construction, the Puma Solar Court 2022 is crafted with a carbon fiber frame and glass fiber faces, a combination that assures both durability and flexibility. The soft EVA core enhances shot retention and dampens shocks, promising a comfortable playing experience.

Furthermore, the carbon fiber frame offers optimal resistance to wear and tear, certifying longevity even after heavy, rigorous play. The Mid-Soft feel of the racket bestows a blend of control and power to your game, making it versatile for varied playing styles.


In summary, the Puma Solar Court 2022 presents a uniquely fine-tuned padel racket. Its balanced combination of power, control, speed, and comfort make it a solid go-to option. Its robust materials and construction assure long-lasting durability.

Despite its compelling features, we'd advise you to consider how its characteristics align with your playing style and needs before making a decision. The Puma Solar Court 2022 embodies a fusion of power and control, making it an ideal choice for players who enjoy a balanced play style. But, as always, personal preference should play a major role in your final decision.

Choose wisely, and find yourself not only a racket that performs but one that resonates with your playing style. And remember - the right padel racket can be the game-changer you need.

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