Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera Woman 2023

Explore the new Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera Woman 2023, crafted with Carbon frame & EVA Semisoft core for your perfect game!

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.5




350 - 365 gr




Semi-soft EVA





Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera Woman 2023

In the world of padel rackets, the Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera Woman 2023 certainly makes a lasting impression. A premium racket from Royal Padel, it's designed with a perfect fusion of power and control, making it an excellent choice for any padel player looking to up their game.


The Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera Woman 2023 is not only aesthetically pleasing but it's also equipped with top-notch features aimed at enhancing performance on the court.

Shape and Balance

Designed in a round shape, this racket ensures a balanced distribution across the body, enhancing control and stability for each shot. This shape perfectly complements every swing, giving you the much-needed precision to keep your shots on target.


The comfort of the racket's grip is a notable feature. The size provides a secure and comfortable hold, ensuring control during critical gameplay moments. This design helps in maintaining playability even during extended periods.

Power and Control

This Royal Padel model perfectly balances power and control, allowing you to make defensive plays and launch aggressive attacks with equal proficiency. Whether you're aiming for precision-cut volleys or powerful smashes, this racket has got you covered.

Comfort and Speed

The Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera Woman 2023 is not just about performance, it also ranks high on comfort. The design and balance of the racket enable swift movements, giving you a fine blend of speed and precision during play.

Materials and Durability

When it comes to construction, this racket features a carbon frame and faces, ensuring durability and resistance. Moreover, it's equipped with a semi-soft EVA core that adds to the racket's longevity and promotes a better rebound effect. Although our review doesn't cover color options, it's safe to say that this model’s sleek appearance matches its stellar performance.


To conclude, the Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera Woman 2023 is a remarkable padel racket that gives players an edge on court. Its power-control balance, comfortable grip and exceptional durability make it a worthy selection for enthusiastic padel players.

However, it may not be a perfect fit for everyone. The shape and design might not sync well with beginners or those who prefer a different feel. But, if you're all about blending power, control and comfort into your game, this racket is a brilliant choice. Always remember, your performance on the court is significantly influenced by your racket selection, so make your decision wisely. Go forth and conquer the padel court!

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