Varlion LW Hexagon 8.8 Violet 2023

Discover the Varlion LW Hexagon 8.8 Violet 2023 padel racket. A perfect blend of control and power with a medium-soft feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




340 - 365 gr




EVA Hypersoft





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Varlion LW Hexagon 8.8 Violet 2023

Unveiling yet another gem from their extensive line of quality padel rackets, Varlion presents the LW Hexagon 8.8 Violet 2023. This racket presents itself as a perfect combination of well-balanced performance and unique design, sure to enhance the gaming experience for players of different skill levels.


Shape and Balance

The LW Hexagon adopts a round shape, a feature that significantly enhances its control while maintaining a steady balance. It ensures an equal distribution of weight throughout the racket, making for a smooth and stable swing that can greatly increase shot precision.


What immediately strikes you about this model is the comfortable feel it offers when in hand. The medium-soft grip feels natural and steady, allowing for confident swings throughout the entire duration of your match - a major plus point for those intense, long-lasting games.

Power and Control

Shining distinctly in its performance metrics, the LW Hexagon excels with a superior combination of power and control. The power may not be its strongest attribute but is certainly not lagging, delivering decent energy on the courts. However, its remarkable control is simply impressive. This balance of control with reasonable power makes it an effective weapon on the padel court.

Comfort and Speed

An obvious standout feature of the racket is its high level of comfort. This, coupled with its excellent maneuverability, makes it a joy to handle, ensuring players can keep going for long without experiencing fatigue. The balance and shape of the racket contribute to faster responses, making it an excellent choice for those who value speed and comfort in their gameplay.

Material and Durability

Constructed with a fiberglass frame and faces, and encompassing an EVA Hypersoft core, the LW Hexagon 8.8 Violet 2023 displays a quality build that guarantees not only a flexible performance but also great durability. Its material composition is designed to withstand high-level play and even accidental harsh hits, assuring players of the racket's longevity.


In conclusion, the Varlion LW Hexagon 8.8 Violet 2023 stands as a compelling contender among mid to high-level padel rackets. With its balanced performance, durable build, comfortable grip, and high maneuverability, it makes a trustworthy companion on the court, promising to enhance the gameplay experience for its users.

While the racket might prove to be a bit lacking in terms of power, its exceptional control and overall playability more than make up for this. It's a worthy investment, particularly for those who want to improve their defensive play and consistency in the game. Understandably, each player has unique requirements based on their gaming style, so consider these aspects before zeroing in on your choice. May your padel journey lead you to many exciting matches and victories!

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