Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera 2023

The Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera 2023 is designed with carbon frame and faces, and a semisoft EVA core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.4




350 - 370 gr




Semi-soft EVA





Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera 2023

In the exciting world of Padel, finding the perfect racket that suits our style and enhances our game is truly an adventure. Today, I want to introduce you to a racket that I have recently had the chance to try, and believe me, it is certainly worth the mention. Say hello to the Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera 2023.


The Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera, with its all-carbon body and semi-soft EVA core, offers a superior mix of balance, playability and durability.

Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera attributes more towards control over a wild swing. The racket is designed with a geometrically balanced frame which offers better shot precision, and a medium feel to it, making it remarkably consistent while delivering aerial shots.


When I first held this racket, what truly made all the difference was the size of the grip. Labelled as standard, the comfortable grip size was a snug fit, and surprisingly provided a greater level of comfort and control than I originally expected.

Power and Control

This is where the RP 760 Carrera shines the most. The perfect blend of power and control it provides creates a commanding presence on court. The potential for improved attacking shots it bestows along with its commendable defensive capabilities certainly stands out.

Comfort and Speed

Despite its all-round attributes, the RP 760 Carrera doesn't compromise on comfort. I found myself enjoying the prolonged periods of matches with its ergonomic grip and well-rounded geometrical design. It further surprised me with its swift response time, a vital factor determining the speed and precision required.

Material and Durability

The RP 760 Carrera is all about durability, thanks to its construction of Carbon frame and Carbon faces that ensure the wear and tear resistance. The semi-soft EVA core successfully adds to its lifespan, ensuring a longer playtime on the court.


In a nutshell, for those avid padel players looking for an all-rounder, the Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera 2023 is certainly a worthy choice. With its superior blend of power, control, playability, and durability, it offers a solid companion on-field.

However, bear in mind that all rackets cater to different needs. This model could seem a bit advanced for the beginners owing to its balanced and sophisticated design. But for those who are on the journey of honing their padel skills, this racket may just be the perfect choice.

Choosing a racket isn't just about purchasing a piece of sports equipment, it’s about investing in your self-improvement. So, weigh these factors carefully. In any case, the Royal Padel RP 760 Carrera should certainly find a top spot on your shortlist. Good luck and enjoy your game of Padel!

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