Siux Genesis Hybrid Black

Deep dive into the 2021 Siux Genesis Hybrid Black padel racket featuring bitubular carbon frame, black carbono 3K faces, and medium-soft EVA EHR core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




355 - 375 gr






Black Carbon 3K


Bitubular Carbon

Siux Genesis Hybrid Black

Offering an impressive showcase of design and usability, the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black takes its place proudly in the 2021 collection. This padel racket is an embodiment of power and control, making it a paramount contender on the court. The following review explores this racket's dimensions in detail.


Shape and Balance

Unveiling a traditional tear shape, the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black is a testament to smart engineering on the padel court. The balance of this racket promotes exceptional control while also delivering a formidable power thrust.

Frame and Materials

The Bitubular Carbon frame offers superb durability and strength. The faces featuring Black Carbono 3K blend seamlessly with the frame reinforcing the overall strength of the racket. Meanwhile, the medium-soft EVA EHR core softens the touch and absorbs shock. The intricate blend of these materials ensures that the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black is built to last.


Much like its exceptional balance, the grip on the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black encourages player comfort and control throughout the game. Its ample size caters to different hand sizes and playing styles, enhancing the overall maneuverability of the racket.

Power and Control

While the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black is a medium-soft racket, it does not obscure its power. The powerful strikes it delivers are balanced beautifully with precise control, providing a distinctive edge over competitors on the court, whether it's a defensive or offensive game.

Comfort and Speed

The comfort level of the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black is another noteworthy feature. The ergonomically designed grip coupled with the efficient weight distribution across the racket ensure that it's comfortable to handle even during long matches. The speed of the racket due to the balanced frame and face materials adds another dimension to the performance, lending both speed and precision to each shot.

Material and Durability

The Siux Genesis Hybrid Black exhibits excellent durability, thanks to its Bitubular Carbon frame and Black Carbono 3K faces providing superior endurance. The medium-soft EVA EHR core further enhances the life span of the racket by offering resistance to wear and tear.


To wrap up, the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black is a perfect blend of design, power, control, and comfort. Its materials and construction testify to its longevity, making it an excellent choice for consistent players. It's especially suitable for those players who are ready to transition from intermediate to advanced play.

However, remember that every player's needs vary. So consider these factors thoroughly before choosing your next companion on the court. No paddle racket is universal, but the Siux Genesis Hybrid Black certainly offers a wide range of strengths suitable for many. Happy playing!

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