Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2021

Explore the excellence of the Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2021 Padel Racket, boasting superior Carbon 12K materials and a unique teardrop shape.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.3




355 - 375 gr




Black Soft EVA


12K Carbon




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Updated on 11 Apr (shipping cost not calculated)

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Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2021

The Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2021 is an impressive racket within the pinnacle of padel sports. This trustworthy addition to your collections is sure to set you visibly apart on the court with its unusual blend of craftsmanship and design.


Shape and Balance

The teardrop shape of the Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2021 significantly contributes to its remarkable balance. This particular design helps maintain the equilibrium during powerful swings and ensures expert precision on every shot.


What truly distinguishes this 2021 model from previous versions is its alluring grip. The standard grip does not only fit perfectly but also provides an unexpected level of comfort and control. This fine quality invariably ensures not just impressive grip, but player satisfaction over long hours of play comes guaranteed.

Power and Control

The Vibora Naya Liquid Edition blends power and control harmoniously. Its prowess lies in the equilibrium it maintains between aggressive and defensive plays, providing the player with formidable edge on the court.

Maneuverability and Sweet Spot

Owing to its flawless maneuverability, operating the Vibora Naya becomes noticeably simple. The sweet spot's generous size further adds to its uncomplicated control, making those brilliant plays increasingly attainable even under pressure.


The medium-soft feel of the Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2021 grants it a surprising responsiveness on the court. This characteristic, balanced with the racket's overall features, guarantees a truly pleasurable gaming experience.

Material and Durability

The Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2021 boasts a carbon frame that provides it with incredible strength and durability. Coupled with 12K carbon faces and a black EVA soft core, the racket establishes an impressive resistance to wear and tear while offering premier playability.

While the colour option might be a bit limited, the racket's high performance and durable build compensate splendidly for this minor setback.


In conclusion, the Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2021 proves mindfully constructed for intermediate players and above. The racket exhibits a powerfully balanced playability, an inviting grip, and superior durability, rendering it a reliable partner on the court.

Nonetheless, remember that choosing the right racket should suit your unique playing style. The Vibora Naya may be an ideal match for many but might not serve the needs of some players. Essentially, it's opting for a racket that aligns with your personal preferences and athletic goals that can genuinely boost your on-court performance. Fire up your game in the thrilling world of padel with your perfect racket choice. Good luck!

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