Siux Viking IV

Experience unmatched control and power with the Siux Viking IV Padel Racket. Its advanced materials and medium feel perfect for any game.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot5.2




355 - 375 gr




Medium EVA





Siux Viking IV

The Siux Viking IV is a padel racket that stands out for its unique blend of design and performance. Designed for the upcoming 2023 season, it's perfectly suited for players seeking to enhance their performance on the padel court.


Constructed with a fiberglass frame and faces, this racket presents remarkable durability. This type of build ensures optimal resistance against common wear and tear that can occur during intense play. On top of this, the core of the Siux Viking IV is designed using Medium EVA, a material known for its impressive shock absorption properties.

Frame and Faces

The fiberglass frame and faces of the Siux Viking IV ensure that the racket maintains structural integrity even after continuous use. The EVA media composition of its core also plays a crucial role in providing excellent energy transfer, leading to consistent and reliable rebound over time.

Shape and Balance

The Siux Viking IV sports a tear shape emphasizing its power-focused design, but without heavily compromising the control factor. The shape also contributes to an excellent balance, offering stability for improved precision and maneuverability.


In terms of feel, the Siux Viking IV offers a medium level, indicating the perfect blend of control and power. This neutral feel aids in getting an all-around performance on the court, making it an asset for every style of play.


Just like its overall feel, the grip of the Siux Viking IV feels medium, which aids in allowing players to have firm and comfortable control during the game. Thus, it doesn't disappoint in providing command over the ball during both defensive and attacking plays.

Power and Control

The Siux Viking IV strikes an impressive balance between power and control. Thanks to its medium feel and perfect weight balance, this padel racket allows for powerful hits while maintaining optimal control.

Comfort and Speed

The Siux Viking IV is also highly commendable in terms of comfort and speed. With its well-crafted design, ergonomic grip, it's perfect for players that prefer engaging in long and intense matches. Additionally, the racket's perfect balance adds to its swift response and fast ball return, making it suitable for quick volleys.


Summing up, the Siux Viking IV is an exceptional racket that provides the perfect balance between power and control. Its durability due to its fiberglass construction, coupled with its medium feel, makes it an excellent choice for padel players seeking to elevate their gaming experience.

Keep in mind, though, that it is crucial to align the racket's features with your specific needs and playing style. So consider all these factors carefully before investing in your game. Enjoy the world of padel with the Siux Viking IV!

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