Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024

Experience the optimizing blend of power and control with the Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024 padel racket, built for intermediate players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.1




350 - 385 gr




EVA Ultra Soft Speed


3K Carbon,


100% Carbon,


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Updated on 12 Jun (shipping cost not calculated)

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Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024

Exploring the Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024 paddle racket reveals a remarkable piece of equipment designed for padel players looking to blend speed, control, and comfort in their game. This racket, with its teardrop shape and medium-soft feel, aims to serve as a multifaceted tool capable of elevating one's on-court performance. Let's dive into what makes the Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024 an outstanding option for players aiming to strike that perfect balance between aggressive play and precision.


Shape and Balance

The teardrop shape is a core feature of the Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024, offering an intuitive balance between power and control. When I tested the racket, I immediately noticed its sweet spot was generous, allowing for consistent hits and precise control over the ball's flight. It also delivered a nice pop to my shots without sacrificing accuracy, an essential trait for players like myself who thrive on versatility.

Grip and Maneuverability

The extended grip length of the Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024 is a subtle yet impactful innovation. It gave me additional comfort when utilizing a two-handed backhand and made the racket easier to handle in quick net exchanges. The maneuverability of this racket is quite commendable; it swiftly moves with your hand, ensuring that quick reactions translate into responsive shots.

Power and Control

Despite being well-calibrated for control, the carbon 3K face contributes to a decent amount of power when striking the ball. During my time on the court, this racket felt like an extension of myself, creating a sense of complicity in every move, whether I was on the offensive or strategically placing defensive shots.

Comfort and Rebound

One aspect of the Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024 that cannot be overlooked is its comfort. Thanks to the EVA Ultra Speed Soft core, I could feel that the racket cushioned the impact nicely, which not only minimized vibrations but also provided an exceptional rebound quality. The racket felt lively and responsive, without ever becoming unwieldy.

Material and Durability

The Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024 boasts a 100% carbon fiber frame and faces with a Carbon 3K construction, ensuring both durability and high performance. The quality of materials suggests that this racket can withstand the rigors of frequent play. My experience with its build quality has been positive, with no signs of premature wear during the testing phase.


To sum up the review of the Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024, it's clear that this racket can be a game-changer for players who seek a perfect harmony of power, precision, and finesse. The blend of innovative technology and high-quality materials come together in this model to give players the ability to confidently tackle any scenario on the court. Though it caters to a vast array of shots and tactics, the racket still asks for a skilled hand to fully harness its potential. For those seeking a reliable, well-rounded racket to complement a dynamic style of play, the Star Vie Dronos Speed 2024 should definitely be on your radar.

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