Varlion LW One Palm 2023

Get premium control with Varlion LW One Palm 2023. Fibreglass frame, EVA Hypersoft core and medium-soft feel. Ideal for intermediate players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




345 - 370 gr




EVA Hypersoft






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Updated on 13 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Varlion LW One Palm 2023

The Varlion LW One Palm 2023 is a truly unique padel racket offering an impressive package of control, maneuverability, and finesse. Juxtaposed with a seamless design and quality materials, it paves the way for an uplifting padel racket playing experience. Here's a more detailed glance at it.


This section dissects the key factors that play integral roles in ensuring the impressive performance and quality of the Varlion LW One Palm 2023.

Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Varlion LW One Palm 2023 is a considerable contributor to its control attribute. The balanced weight distribution throughout the structure of the racket affords it stability and a pronounced sense of consistency during swings.


One of the key factors that I noticed during my test trials with this racket was the grip. The size of the grip aligns perfectly with the standard size, thus enhancing not just the comfort quotient but also the overall control during extensive matches.

Power and Control

The Varlion LW One Palm 2023 creates a distinctive mark when it comes to the amalgamation of power and control aspects. The combo of power and control of the racket provide increased versatility to the racket's overall performance assist intermediates in refining their gameplay.

Comfort and Speed

Also, the Varlion LW One Palm 2023 does an incredible job when it comes to comfort. The ergonomically sound design and the comfortable grip deliver an indulgent padel playing experience, regardless of the game's length. The balance of the racket further amplifies its swift response rate, making it an ideal option for those who prioritize speed and precision.

Materials and Durability

The Varlion LW One Palm 2023 significantly impresses due to its durability parameters. The padel racket frame and faces are made of fiberglass which guarantees a high resistance level against damage, thus promising longer-lasting usage. Its core made of EVA Hypersoft, adds to the resilience of the racket, implying that you can rely on it even during the most demanding playing sessions.


Concluding my review of Varlion LW One Palm 2023 racket, it can be articulated that the racket melds power and control to perfection with a blend of a comfortable grip and admirable durability. It's a befitting choice for intermediate padel rankers who aim to level up their game.

As is the case always, it's essential to assess whether its attributes are well-aligned with your specific requirements. While the round shape and balance offer unprecedented control, players who prefer a more power-centric gameplay can find the racket a tad challenging. However, if you are looking for a racket that blends control, comfort, and durability, the Varlion LW One Palm 2023 is indeed a formidable contender.

Do keep in mind, the perfect racket can bring out a considerable change in your game, thus evaluate your options thoroughly before making your final choice. Good luck in the exhilarating world of padel!

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