Varlion LW Prisma Carbon 9 2023

Explore the premium Varlion LW Prisma Carbon 9 2023 padel racket. Perfect blend of power, control & maneuverability.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot10




350 - 375 gr




Medium Touch EVA


Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber


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Updated on 30 May (shipping cost not calculated)

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Varlion LW Prisma Carbon 9 2023

As an ardent padel player and reviewer, I had the opportunity to test out the new Varlion LW Prisma Carbon 9 2023 padel racket. This latest offering from the house of Varlion boasts some compelling features that boost both power and control, offering a solid gameplay experience for both veteran and amateur players alike. Let's delve into additional details.


Shape and Balance

Thanks to its round shape, this medium-feel padel racket offers a balanced distribution of weight across the frame, which allows for precision swings.

Overall Feel

With a medium feel, the Varlion LW Prisma Carbon 9 2023 provides just the right amount of resilience for intermediate to advanced players, offering an edge of stability to execute those high-speed, power-packed shots.

Grip and Maneuverability

What really stood out during my assessment was the comfort and control the Varlion LW Prisma Carbon 9 2023 offered. It provided ample maneuverability while retaining comfort during extended games, making it a great choice for medium to long matches.

Power and Control

Varlion has struck a nice balance between power and control with this racket, which makes it a trustworthy companion on the padel court. It really shines in terms of control over shot direction, making it an excellent tool for fine-tuning your play strategy.

Material and Durability

Boasting an all carbon fiber frame and faces, with a sturdy EVA medium-touch core, the Varlion LW Prisma Carbon 9 2023 demonstrates excellent longevity. The carbon fiber ensures a sturdy built that can withstand high-intensity matches while the EVA core assists in maintaining shape and effectivity over prolonged use.


Summing up, the Varlion LW Prisma Carbon 9 2023 padel racket emerges as a promising blend of power, control and durability. It's a trustworthy ally on the court, irrespective of your playstyle or skill level. With an impressive grip and a hardy construction, this racket is an investment that will enrich your padel experience. As always, it is necessary to consider a racket that aligns well with your specific needs and play style. Happy playing!

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