Vibora Black Mamba Xtreme 3K 2024

Discover the prowess of the Vibora Black Mamba Xtreme 3K 2024 with its dynamic play and carbon fiber technology.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




350 - 370 gr






3K Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber

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Vibora Black Mamba Xtreme 3K 2024

When I first laid eyes on the Vibora Black Mamba Xtreme 3K 2024, I knew this wasn't just any padel racket. It stood out with its striking fluorescent yellow design, boldly announcing its presence on the court. As I tested this high-performance racket, it was clear that this hybrid model promises an exceptional blend of power and control, tailored for advanced players striving towards a complete game.


Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of the Vibora Black Mamba Xtreme 3K offers an aggressive feel, granting players the confidence to execute powerful shots while maintaining a good level of control. The balanced sweet spot ensures that off-center hits don't translate into a loss of precision, making for an adaptable racket during high-intensity games.

Grip and Feel

From the first grip, the racket feels incredibly solid in hand. Its medium-hard feel strikes the right balance between firmness and agility, allowing for reactive shots without sacrificing the comfort of play. The carbon fiber frame contributes to a solid hold and overall tactile experience on the court.


In the realm of playability, this racket doesn’t disappoint. Being a hybrid, players can expect a remarkable synergy of power and control which gives advanced players the upper hand, whether they're defending or on the offensive. The EVA Pro Soft core truly shines here, providing an immersive hitting sensation that both rewards and excites with each shot.

Material and Durability

Digging deeper into its construction, the full use of 3K carbon fiber for both the frame and faces not only adds to the racket's durability but also improves the playability. The 3D texture of the faces isn’t just for show; it noticeably enhances the ability to generate spin and augments ball control.


In the wrap-up of my hands-on experience with the Vibora Black Mamba Xtreme 3K 2024, I came away impressed. This racket is clearly designed for the aggressive player who demands both precision and power within their arsenal. The combination of the advanced materials and hybrid shape means this racket can handle an all-court game with flair and efficiency.

While its aesthetics are anything but subtle, the performance on the court is what truly sets it apart. It rewards players with advanced skills allowing room for dynamic play and strategy. If your game revolves around a strong offensive with a dependable defensive game, the Vibora Black Mamba Xtreme 3K is an investment that stands to improve your play significantly.

Remember, a racket of this caliber requires a player who can fully utilize its capabilities. For those ready to harness its power, the Vibora Black Mamba Xtreme 3K 2024 could very well be the key to unlocking a more formidable and well-rounded game on the padel court. Choose wisely, and let your skill flourish with the right equipment by your side.

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