Vibora Yarara Xtreme 3K 2024

Explore the Vibora Yarara Xtreme 3K 2024 padel racket with a medium-hard feel, tear shape for a balanced game. Perfect for advanced players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




350 - 370 gr






3K Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber

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Vibora Yarara Xtreme 3K 2024

When in hand, the Vibora Yarara Xtreme 3K 2024 padel racket is a testament to excellence from Vibora—a brand that consistently marries bold design with high-functioning performance. Designed with the advanced to professional player in mind, this racket offers an equilibrium between power and control, garnished with a signature feel that's hard to match. I've played with this racket and can attest to its capabilities on the court.


Shape and Balance

The tear shape of the Yarara Xtreme 3K provides a sublime balance that complements my aggressive play style while not compromising on precision. It feels natural and enables a well-distributed power throughout the court, ensuring that each shot is delivered with intent and accuracy.


I immediately noticed the comfortable grip on this racket, allowing for easy adjustment during fast-paced rallies. It's one of those rackets that feels like an extension of the arm, so you can focus purely on the game and not on adjusting your hold.

Power and Control

With a medium-hard feel, this racket strikes a beautiful balance between power and control. It offers enough punch to send the ball rocketing over the net without overwhelming you and compromising control.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is notably generous, and during play, I found that even off-center hits maintain a good amount of control and power, a characteristic that can forgive and even reward aggressive shot-making.

Rebound and Maneuverability

The carbon fiber 3K construction on the faces provides a delightful response upon impact. This racket's rebound capability is adept, neither too sluggish nor overly reactive, making it easy to stay in control during fast exchanges. As for maneuverability, I was able to get the racket into position quickly—credit to its thoughtful design.

Comfort and Speed

Comfort is key in a high-caliber weapon like the Yarara Xtreme 3K. The EVA core aids in shock absorption, ensuring that repetitive play doesn't translate to fatigue or discomfort. The speed with which the racket moves is commendable, pairing well with an aggressive style of play where quick reactions are paramount.

Material and Durability

Constructed with a carbon fiber frame and 3K carbon fiber faces, the Yarara Xtreme 3K not only promises performance but also durability. The choice of materials suggests a racket that can withstand the rigors of heavy, repeated use with minimal wear and tear.


The Vibora Yarara Xtreme 3K 2024 is an exceptional racket that serves as an ally on the padel court for those seeking a notable balance of power and control. It's both a joy to wield and behold, with a performance that lives up to its striking appearance.

In sum, for players who are ready to take their game to the next level and want a racket that provides an edge in both technical prowess and physical durability, the Yarara Xtreme 3K is a formidable choice. Its versatility and responsiveness make it a fitting selection for those who believe in precision, power, and a racket that responds to their every command.

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