Enebe RSX Carbon 2021

Experience superior play with the Enebe RSX Carbon 2021 Padel Racket. Medium-soft feel, tear shape, and carbon 3K material.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.9




360 - 375 gr




EVA HR3 Soft Black


3K Carbon


3K Carbon

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Enebe RSX Carbon 2021

Garnering a niche following of padel enthusiasts who crave a blend of durability, power, and aesthetic appeal, the Enebe RSX Carbon 2021 meets and surpasses expectations. With its well-conceived construction and well-balanced features, this model is quickly becoming a favoured choice amongst many.


Shape and Balance

Enebe's thoughtful design shines through in the tear shape of the RSX Carbon 2021. This unique form brings a sense of anticipation to every swing and ensures a notable impact on the ball. Its impressive equilibrium between power and precision sets the bar high in the padel racket market.

Power and Control

It's hard to forget your first encounter with the Enebe RSX Carbon 2021's power-block technology. Executing strong and precise shots comes naturally with this feature, delivering a truly gratifying gaming experience. The RSX Carbon 2021 model thrives in matching power and control, setting you up for success on the court.


While trying out the Enebe RSX Carbon 2021, I could not ignore how the grip moulded perfectly into my hand. Comfort and control were the prominent feelings this grip evoked, proving to be a trusted ally during long matches.

Material and Durability

The RSX Carbon 2021 reaps the benefits of Enebe's dedication towards durability and quality. The 3K carbon frame and faces of the racket raise the stakes in terms of resistance and longevity, ensuring that your racket remains in optimal condition even after extended usage.

Feel and Comfort

Equipped with the EVA HR3 Soft Black core, the Enebe RSX Carbon 2021 presents a medium-soft feel that fortifies your control and power during matches. This careful selection of material also aids in reducing vibration and enhancing shot precision.


In conclusion, the Enebe RSX Carbon 2021 has proven itself to be a formidable competitor in the realm of padel rackets. Its unique blend of power and control, coupled with the comfort of its grip and superior material selection, all contributes to an excellent game experience.

The choice of a padel racket is a personal one, dependent on your play style and physicality. However, the Enebe RSX Carbon 2021 is a worthy contender when seeking to improve your game quality and overall padel experience. Always remember to make a mindful selection as the right racket is a valuable partner on the padel court. Enjoy the thrill of padel!

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